Buy this title Will Jamie and Grant’s new and exciting love for each other be able to withstand Donnie’s violent acts of jealousy? Jamie Taylor meets Grant. I love to read M/M books. It’s hard to find me without my Kindle in my hand. I never want to lose an opportunity to read and have so many authors that I enjoy. Will Jamie and Grants new and exciting love for each other be able to withstand Donnies violent acts of jealousy? Jamie Taylor meets Grant Stevens through.

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Thrilled with the new works, AKM set out to make a career in this field. Jamie Taylor is a caretaker. You will find that I like to have my characters meet, have feeling for each other, start a relationship, and then face some kind of conflict together, instead of it being about whether they really like each other or not.

But when jealous Donnie, the son of Jamie’s boss, makes it clear he thinks Jamie belongs to him, will they be able to weather the storm? They inspire me and make me want to do more and better.

First, the ethical issue of Jamie coming onto a patient and the inviting him to come live in his house is totally glossed over – even the facility’s administrator doesn’t even bat an eye.

He is well loved by the patients he cares for. She loves to throw children in the mix, along with pets and wacky and wonderful friends. As a tech for a local rehabilitation center, he is working his way through college to jqmie a professional physical therapist. I found Cowboy Up from Torquere Press.

I felt that the book dragged a little at around a third of the way, which is why I put it down all those months ago. Jamie is so patient with Grant. I started reading this a few months ago so I just picked this back up. I thought the steady buildup they had from friends to lovers was perfectly paced and I loved every moment they had together.


Aug 23, Nick rated it it was amazing. But as I always say, this is just my opinion and it doesn’t mean you won’t love it. Jamie is an unusual hero because he is such a nice man. I loved Jamie and Grant. The general ‘everyday-ness’ of the MC’s lives is repeatedly interrupted by a stalker who is apparently a brain surgeon given his capacity to hide from law-enforcement for weeks at a time while striking at will. The administrator’s son, Donnie, has a thing for Jamie and doesn’t like Grant showing up and horning in on what he considers his territory.

The story started good, and up to a point where it became obvious Donnie is going to be a problem I was intrigued by the story. Donnie makes his feelings known in a variety of violent ways.

Aug 25, Stacy rated it it was amazing Shelves: You will see what I mean once you read the book.

AKM Miles | LibraryThing

Grant is very inexperienced sexually, and Jamie is more that willing to guide him in the right direction. I liked how Love Jamie didn’t have all of the back and forth drama which seems to be the focus in so many other romances.

It really was a very loving erotic romance. Kat Kieran Kelly T. Readers following her work — this is another brilliant production from Ms. During Grants stay at the facility Grant develops a friendship with Jamie that somehow feels like more. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Of course, who wouldn’t like Jamie? I mikes where they go, how they transition from friends to lovers, and I like where their story ends. I loved Brit, Jamie’s dog, especially since his name was really Whistlebritches I’m totally gonna name my dog that one day lol I liked the plot.

Sweetlovey-dovey, feel good story. Grant was involved in a horrible car accident. Officer Johnson said that Jamie and Grant should go down to the station the next morning after Donnie broke in but they never went.


Love, Jamie

Miles writing but also the intensity of her imagination. Grant feels lost, not only is he flat on his back but he is alone. I enjoyed the way Jamie and Grant’s relationship developed.

I appreciated the intent of the story, but it just didn’t work for me. Nanette at Joyfully Reviewed says: AKM Miles has created vivid, likable characters, lobe dream dog who actually minds, and a villain so rotten the reader is rooting for him to get what he deserves.

The rest, it really did nothing for me and I barely managed to finish it. Want to Read saving….

I wanted to write a story. Want to know what I like most about it? But I ajmie i could have done without the Donnie storyline completely and enjoyed it more. You can expect there to be a happy ending every time. Sparks ensue and Grant comes out of the closet for Jamie. Grant is about the same and the two instantly have a connection because of that. In comes grant who has had an accident and need lost of help getting back to form.

The story is sweet, but the book is a little blah.

Love, Jamie – AKM Miles – Google Books

Jamie has a special affinity to the people who come into the centre broken and in need of that bit of positivity to get them through their day. Love, Jamie Love 1 by A. Works at what he loves and he loves everyone he works with — and they love him right back — some more than milles.