Home Storage Center Prices and Products To see a list of center locations and their hours, click here. If hours are not listed, please call your Home Storage. Where Can I Find the LDS Cannery Price List & Order Form? Order Form – If you plan on purchasing food at the LDS Cannery you can download the current. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LDS Cannery Home Storage Center Order Form Download forms here by clicking on the following links: Home .

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This was very helpful. Orders typically leave the distribution center within a day or two after they are placed, but when you get your order depends on how quickly Fed Ex can get it to you based on where you live. Unless a product is defective, returns and exchanges will only be accepted if cannefy item is in new condition. We cznnery an Open House yesterday to begin getting the word out to all the stakes in our district.

Home Storage Center Locations and Prices

To place an online order, click HERE to find the online store. Click on the location, and the address and phone number will pop up. Linda on August 8, at Thanks for doing pride research for me, I owe you one: There is no shipping cost, but the prices are a bit more expensive than purchasing in-person from a Home Storage Center as the shipping costs are included in the price.


What Are You Waiting For? I have visited many Home Storage Centers, and my experience has always been fantastic! It will soon be pruce to all the storage centers.

Vee Moore on August 4, at 4: Get one challenge via email each day for 30 days. I had heard so many rumors about what was happening in this area and appreciate you getting the correct information.

It was more efficient and cost effective for the Church to prepackage the food and offer it for sale that way rather than supply and ship pallets pice empty cans around the country.

LDS Cannery (aka Home Storage Center): What You Need to Know Before Going

I get my oxygen absorbers on Amazon. Misty on February 14, at 9: One of my friends just went and said she loved lda you can just buy what you want. Thanks for the blog compliments! It helps take the guess work out of the process and keeps it at a reasonable cost.

Home Storage Center Order Form

The challenge will start on Sept 1st. All items, except 25 pound bulk bags, can be returned or exchanged within 90 calendar days after purchase. Anyone can purchase one from them.

They did not have to cwnnery this, and I, for one, found it insightful and helpful. They encourage all to be wise as you build your food storage, not going into debt, but instead using careful planning and gradually building the food reserves.


In your experience, are the prices and selection better at the actual home store or online? This resource provides a list on how much food is needed per person and per year. Alternatively, you can also find a list of all locations and their hours HERE.

I do hope the new storage centres are well used because you are so lucky to have them. Additional products will need to be purchased from a grocery store. These other home storage foods are purchased by us, and we repackage them in Church processing facilities.

Also, do you have any Open House information you can share?

The one I went to most recently even had a coloring station for my kids so they were occupied while I shopped. You can find out more about these volunteers HERE. We believe the food in our home storage centers is for all people that need it and encourage all others to be willing to share with their neighbors in times of need.

You may be able to get cans, lids, and oxygen absorbers from local food processing plants in your area.