I have the great fortune to sit at the feet of an illumined soul: Elisabeth Haich is my . A Michelangelo, a Leonardo da Vinci, a Giordano Bruno, a Shakespeare. Elisabeth Haich – Yoga si sanatatea – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view YOGA SAPTAMANA DE SAPTAMANA Alte cdrti de Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA. Buna ziua, Va rog sa imi spuneti daca Cod: Initiere initierea elisabeth haich Utilizare a Sistemului de Calcul. Transport Gratuit peste 50 de lei.

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So don’t ask any more nonsense like “who” I am. We walked home in silence, and I xe fully expecting to be severely punished. The black letters on the white paper are no longer a mystery for me. Wonderfully pretty, colourful, giant butterflies which, grandmother told me, lived in dome distant part of the world—strangely enough I knew them well—then a number of gigantic stuffed animals.

I realized that these people knew just as little, or perhaps even less, about my origin than I did. She reached me, grabbed me by the shoulders, and asked excitedly, ‘Aren’t you afraid a dog will bite you? The term Logos and the expression creative principle have a meaning for us today which we would not get from the term ‘Horus Hawk’.

In those days I was only very slightly interested in father. After each trimming I would run around the room screaming, with my fingers spread apart, not allowing anything to touch me. They made such a profound impression upon me that I just could not stop reading.



Initiation or initierea elisabeth haich of a nerve impulse. I want fresh air. How many more times will I have to hear that she is three years older, every time she is allowed to do something and I am not, and every time I refuse to recognize and tolerate her authority! All of them had a hearty laugh at our expense, and one lady asked whether my mother knew what I hwich doing.

Every day we went down to the lake and bathed and splashed happily in the water. My only punishment was that mother put me to bed and went out without saying good night. I began to seek. I am saved, the lion disappears, and I awaken with terrible palpitations of the heart, shaking with the frightfulness of the dream.

Elisabeth Haich – Yoga si sanatatea – [PDF Document]

Mother remained adamant and said that I would have to take the school exams. Like the thread of Ariadne, this secret voice initierew led me on. Later he went to my mother and they talked together for a long time about this strange child that was much more interested in why the gas hissed in the lamp than in geography. We can never be identical with each other!

Even today there must be such ‘initiates’ living on earth, and there must be some way to obtain initiation, the really great initiation. Mother spent a lot of time sewing and she had shown me how dangerous a needle can be; the point of a needle can be very unpleasant. Mother doesn’t know about it. Just because I wanted to be a ‘good girl’?


Mother knelt down and prayed long and fervently. I want to get on as fast as possible.

Not I am you, but I am that I am and you are also what I am! Yes, here he is father, but he is not my father! Nevertheless, I could see clearly that mother was frightened at my dare-devil attitude, while father recognized and respected my courage.

Elisabeth Haich – Yoga si sanatatea

I wanted to go to look, but mother did not allow me. We lived in a little farmhouse that was surrounded by a large garden and a big farm. The summer passed, and we were back at home again.

However, the younger boy, who had a strong will and was thus inclined to be the ring-leader, said that we would each have to show our signature.

These people should be saved and awakened from their semi-conscious condition!