Honor’s Splendour (#76 on AAR’s Top Romances). Julie Garwood. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. originally published on August 23, In true Garwood fashion, Madelyne wins over everyone with her kindness and her ineptness. She’s so loveable even Duncan’s fierce stallion. While I can’t say that Honor’s Splendour is my personal favorite Garwood book, it is a good read that I would certainly recommend. For me, Julie Garwood is just.

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Today, her name appears regularly on the bestseller lists of every major publication in the country, and her books are translated into dozens of languages around the world.

Honor’s Splendour

Madelyne is gentle, klutzy, and has just enough sass to stand up to her arrogant husband. The heroes are too often over-the-top brawny guys who relish in their paternalistic role as protector to their child-like brides. To ask other readers questions about Honor’s Splendourplease sign up. Packing her few belongings, she waits for the right moment to leave her brother’s bt, hoping to find safety in Scotland at the home of her cousin. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

There was a warm glint in his eye now. The book jumps between POVs every few paragraphs sometimes every paragraph and it was very whiplash-y. They served little purpose and were actually quite ridiculous the wolf, for instance. It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht t’nicht There are so many romance novel heroines who make the unrealistic jump from timid virgin to instant sex-kitten, so this element of the story was greatly appreciated.

They meet when Madelyne chances her brother’s fury when she saves Duncan from splfndor held captive. Lynda X October 5, at I thought I had recalled Ms. I loved the way Ducan explained to himself why he felt compelled to sneak ujlie Madelyne’s bedroom to sleep with her when she was still splendo “captive”, I smiled with his listing the reasons for marrying her, I sighed every time he sighed – just for show, of course – with one of her antics, I laughed with her attempts at learning self-defense Madelyne juga mulai bossy, ngatur2 dan ngerubah susunan rumah Duncan yg berantakan dan jorok jadi rumah beneran dan maksa Duncan buat makan bareng keluarga nya Last Tuesday I attended the Romance After Madelyne is well again, she gets into one near accident after another as Duncan follows her around trying to protect her, all the while falling in love with her ditzy but sweet self.


She wanted him to be ugly. There are other things that I really enjoyed about Honor’s Splendourone of which is it’s strong cast of supporting characters.

Desert Isle Keeper

After Duncan’s men attack the fortress, he decides to keep Madelyn and take her home with him. Adela has been raped, and is a filthy, mean mess because of it. They are usually gruff, arrogant and very set in I have to say, I have yet to read a Julie Garwood novel that I don’t love, but there was something special about Honor’s Splendour that makes it stand out in my mind and has made it one of my favorite reads. By the next day, Madelyne is burning with fever from her wound and becomes delirious.

To sum things up, I adored Duncan and Madelyne.

He’s the first to tell her he loves her. I did not pick up ANY indication that bh homosexuality has caused his great malevolence, however, if this subject is one that is a personal sensitivity, you may be smart to skip this book. Not recommended for under 18 or sensitive readers.

Feb 03, Dina rated it really liked it Recommended to Dina by: It was the only time in her life that she felt loved and cared for, so it has not been pleasant being back under her abusive brother’s control in recent months.

Dec 07, BleuBelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: We were perhaps a little more prude and shy then back in the 80s? I thought I had recalled Ms. A beautifully sensitive love story.

She’s so funny and clueless about it, that makes her even more funny XD At one time, after she kisses Duncan, she went up in tears and apologized for taking advantage of him when he promised her he would not touch her XDXD Yeah she’s just great: Even to none Historical Romance readers or people wanting to begin with this genre like myself. Dunkan is an amazing yummy hero character. There were also some parts where I was having a difficult time imagining the setting and felt that more environmental descriptions would have been helpful.


Nikki H April 3, at For me, Julie Garwood is just one of those comfort authors whose good or even just OK work still surpasses that of some other authors even on their best gaarwood.

How ever good the stroy was, how great the characters were, the best thing in this whole book was the writing. Her stories are like tall tales, or myths — like the legendary Odysseus that Madeliene repeatedly quotes. There were too many other dramas going on for the author to focus on the main conflict and truly build it up — or to build up any of the smaller conflicts.

I also liked the bit of royal intrigue which lent a mild air of suspense to the jullie. I hate to not finish something 2.

Outlandish Dreaming: Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It seemed that I would read pages at a time where there was no dialogue and it just made the book drag on and on. Things got too calm and quiet after that, and I couldn’t wait to see how Duncan was going to “finish” Louddon for good. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Chrisreader April 6, at