Fossilized Customs 12th Edition [Lew White] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The 12th edition has a larger print size than any previous. Fossilized Customs 21th Edition (Illustrated) pages, by Lew White: A Messianic Israelite book explaining the Pagan origins of Christmas, Easter, Sun- day. I was recently given a book entitled Fossilized Customs: The Pagan Origins of Popular Customs (Seventh Edition) by a friend who asked my.

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He gave us a much higher law, and much purer spiritual law, to walk in love. This is easily demonstrable even to a person unacquainted with the grammar by simply searching for the similar term in a Bible data-base.

Do we then nullify the law through faith?

Samuele Bacchiocchi, in his book, fustoms Sabbath to Sunday”, pghardback edition makes reference to the fact that the earliest known Christian mosaic dated ca. Why didn’t the New Testament authors use the same Aramaic term Yeshua when they were composing their books of the Bible?

Either way it is deception, and not of Elohim, because when someone changes fact or Scripture to try and prove their point it is false teaching. He showed what the law really meant, pew also that no man can be justified by the law.

There were no remaining Nephilim for him to attest to at that time on his own witness. And He overturned those cities, and the entire basin, and all those dwelling in the cities, and everything sprouting from the ground.

We can see this in Ezrah 2: It’s up to us to make them out for ourselves. They instill in us the Mind of Yahusha, and we bear the fruits of His indwelling Spirit: Those who know me realize I’m for keeping things simple, and as far from deceptive as possible.


Lew White July 5, at Next was sexual immorality, and this one has perplexed many theologians over the years, because it was not part of ceremonial law like the other three, and no believer could argue that fact that it was a sin against Elohim. Pagans concealed the names of their deities, so it follows this “fossilized custom” of hiding a name would be adopted.

Please let us love one another as He loves us.

Fossilized Customs 12th Edition

Neither present your members to sin as instruments of unrighteousness, but present yourselves to Elohim, as alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to Elohim. After almost years customa unremitting labor, the conclusion appears inescapable that neither Mithraism nor Christianity proved to be an obvious and direct influence upon the other in the development and demise or survival of either religion.

The Shabath day is the sign of the everlasting Covenant, and together with the Name “Yahuah”, the Truth is being restored. Routledge,7.

Books by Lew White

These are not my ideologies but theirs, I am feeling wracked with guilt and don’t know which interpretation to believe.

Your heart does not want to do anything, even in ignorance, that may offend Yahuah. The mistake in the KJV at Acts He has changed the original words to suite his doctrine, and in doing so has become guilty of cjstoms what he is accusing the Catholic Church of doing.

Not one of them is eternal as the Bible teaches of the Trinity. II The scribes and Pharisees, therefore, snatch an occasion of caviling split hairs against Christ; and readily objected that he was not the fossllized Messiah, because he abolished the doctrines of the traditions which they obtruded upon the people for Moses and the prophets.


The Roman cult of Mithras, Manfred Clauss; page The Jesus of Sabellianism is a babbling idiot But the lw with life of him, which the blood of him, you shall not eat. Number one; the Roman soldiers executed Yeshua Jesus. Pagans did this, and like all rebellious witchery, the meaning behind the symbols have been occulted.

Anonymous July 3, at 6: The victim was called Jack-of-the-lantern. Brett Rose October 5, at 9: Yahuah our Alahim, Yahuah is one! Do we knowingly seek to deceive or do we make errors unknowingly while seeking the truth?

Books by Lew White (Author of Fossilized Customs)

According to his YouTube seminars he believes we must keep the Torah to be saved. Lew is a modalist among other heterodox doctrines. It was not until the 4th century that the distinctness of the three and their unity were brought together in a single orthodox doctrine of one essence and three persons. This is an innocent process called transliteration; you take the alphabets of two different languages and try the rossilized you can to make a word speakable in the other. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all.