We are told that sex and love are part of the same instinct; I disagree. Love is a pleasant sensation of comfort we feel when we’re close to a special person. LIVRO EM DESTAQUE. DR. FLÁVIO NO YOUTUBE. Assine o FEED do canal do Dr. Flávio no Youtube e mantenha-se atualizado conforme novos vídeos são. As for his theoretic work, in he presented studies about sex therapy; his first and critically acclaimed book, published in , was about sex, love, and.

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In our current cultural environment, people who stand out are considered important.

At first, this made no sense to me, because after all, falling in love was the innermost desire of so many people. Everyone should be alone every once in a while to establish their internal dialogue and discover their personal strength.

We get involved with someone else because we feel incomplete. Love and freedom encounter another peculiar barrier, which is cultural conditioning. Based on his believe that sex and love are two autonomous and often antagonistic impulses, Gikovate points out the strong association between sexuality and aggressiveness especially in men.

This fear is sometimes associated with the pain we feel right after a breakup and, of course, losing the comfort that comes from a relationship, even a problematic one, is difficult.

These days, with all the technology that allows people to be completely self-sufficient, they are losing their fear of being alone and learning to live better with themselves.

Friendship is a strong emotional bond between two people, which happens for reasons that are not always present in romantic attachments. Gikovate has seen, in his private practice, about patients.

Books in english | Dr. Flávio Gikovate

Almost everyone I know cried at least once during the movie. This could not be further from the truth, however. Many of us fear being alone, for reasons that can be somewhat inconsistent. He has not affiliated himself to any specific school of psychological thought, nor has he refused any particular influences, being open to learning from various sources.


The truth, however, is livrow the fear of happiness glavio to be universal, and I have never met anyone who did not feel it to some extent. Partnership is the keyword these days. His practice, however, remains his main activity. For this reason, he refuses to make bibliographical quotes, as he believes he owes his theories and knowledge to his patients, and not to the influence of other authors. Psychical processes follow a very peculiar logic, which must be discovered in their own specific way.

He is also a frequent guest at the top-rated, most respected talk shows in Brazilian TV. Very few couples live well together and have a relationship conducive to emotional and intellectual growth. Learning to rlavio with happiness and not run away from situations in which it appears is a suitable act of bravery. However, flavo pursuit of clarity has caused his content, on occasion, to be dismissed as simplistic.

His writings are dense in content, yet always through an approachable, readable text. Yet this kind livrow relationship causes both partners problems, for they will ultimately go through situations of sorrow and disappointment. I suddenly realized that when people fall in love they liros living in a constant state of alert—of panic, even—as if they expected a tragedy to befall them at any moment.

Its rights have been sold to Spanish speaking countries, as well to the Middle East. In this time of the year, this darkness is the most common.

Up to that point, they had been happiest being held by their mothers, in a peace and comfort such as they lost at birth, feeling for their mothers what we call love.


Books in english

The fear of happiness is directly related to our destructive tendencies. What I propose is radically inverting the way we think about it.

In this work, Gikovate explains how to take the second path — definitely more difficult, but far more rewarding. If people were asked if they ever felt fear when at particularly happy moments of their lives, of course most of them would say no.

Aggressive reactions are not necessarily cruel: However, this does not mean he is not equally talented as a lecturer, writer and divulger of his thoughts. Cruelty is possibly best defined as an action that will deliberately bring harm others. But that makes them noisy, not strong — these two words are not synonyms! The dramatic rupture of the harmony felt in the womb brings panic, which can clearly be seen on the face of the newborn.

Theoretically, lastingly romantic marriages should be more common than those based on an exuberant sex life. It would probably be great to be able to control the outcome of important events. Solitude is good, and being single is nothing to be ashamed of; it is in fact dignified.

But as for the really important stuff — health issues, the success or failure of their professional endeavors, studies or investments, natural tragedies such as floods, landslides and earthquakes and the death of loved ones — well, none of us has power over these flwvio. As such, in this book he rethinks several myths and half-truths about sex and addresses controversial issues.