Elton Trueblood. · Rating details · 90 ratings · 16 reviews. The Humor of Christ inspires Christians to redraw their pictures of Christ and to add a persistent . there is good evidence that Jesus taught with humor and used irony, and . “The Humor of Christ” by Elton Trueblood, HarpersCollins. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year.

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That being said, I think this is a good book – but it feels like at some points that it’s digging for places that aren’t totally there. Humor does not always survive intact from one culture to another. Feb 21, Douglas Wilson rated it cjrist it Shelves: He calls the humor of Christ a “neglected aspect” of his human incarnation.

My biggest criticism of this book is that it is not very funny.

The Humor of Christ: A Bold Challenge to the Traditional Stereotype of a Somber, Gloomy Christ

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Kirk rated it liked it Nov 24, Realizing something is an idiom that we once interpreted in a wooden, literal way. A few wry asides or author’s examples of humor in his own faith-walk might have added some emotional heft to his intellectual argument.

hjmor Niza rated it liked it Feb 27, However, this is a good book to a I have a professor who was mentored by Trueblood himself.


What I found best about the book was that it made Jesus seem more like a real person, fo just an idea I was really excited to read this book when I discovered it at our church library. Christopher rated it really liked it Jun 06, Trueblood’s stated goal is to get Christians moving away from the notion that the historical figure of Jesus was a somber, gloomy figure focused on carefully creating a new orthodoxy.

What I found best about the book was that it made Jesus seem more th a real person, not just an idea floating around out there. Like the author, I feel that this side of His personality for lack of a better word is seriously under-studied. If I say something tongue-in-cheek, then the exact opposite of my expressed words are meant.

James rated it really eltkn it Nov 22, May 15, Mark Oppenlander rated it liked it Shelves: Worth a read since it is so short, but not the best book ever. Small wonder that so eltln people are left with the impression that the Bible is a dull, humorless book, and that Jesus is a dull, humor Elton Trueblood has tackled a difficult, neglected, but vital topic for understanding the Bible in general and Jesus in particular.

THE HUMOR OF CHRIST by D. Elton Trueblood | Kirkus Reviews

The Humor of Christ. I subsequently gave my copy away, and Truebloov love to read it again. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The most helpful thing for me personally was Trueblood’s alternate explanations for a couple of parables that have troubled translators and scholars for many years e.

That may sound strange when critiquing a piece of theological scholarship, but to my way of thinking, if you’re going to write about God being a funny guy, perhaps you should consider lightening up a little yourself. Julie rated it liked it Apr 29, Aug 15, Steve Bedford rated it liked it. I was really excited to read this book when I discovered it at our church library. Mar 19, Brenda rated it liked it Shelves: I grabbed this slim volume from the stack because it was free, because the title intrigued me and because I recognized the author, Elton Trueblood, as a well-known 20th century Quaker theologian.


I read an autographed copy given to me by my parents.

The Humor of Christ – Elton Trueblood – Google Books

Small wonder that so many people are left with the impression that the Ttrueblood is a dull, humorless book, and that Jesus is a dull, humorless man. This book was like listening to someone explain a joke that you didn’t get, not very fun, but it explores an aspect of Jesus’ ministry that apparently was prominent, but we tend to ignore.

KIRKUS REVIEW Believing ths neglect of the element of humor in the teachings of Jesus has led to failure to appreciate the full scope of his teaching and to an unduly somber piety, the author analyzes what he finds as the humorous vein in the Gospels, particularly the Synoptics, with especial emphasis upon Christ’s use of irony.