Each day of Christmas corresponds to a plane of Eberron. the thirteenth day cannot reach the material plane because it is torn asunder as it. Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber, the first and greatest of dragonkind, ruled At last Khyber emerged victorious: Siberys was torn asunder, her. [Eberron] War-Torn novel submission update (but no answer yet). Quoted from a post on Heard from Your Submission to Torn Asunder? By AnthonyRoberson.

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They simply collect and pass along information, never knowing how it is used. Shadow dancer and assassin are popular choices for rogues working in a strike team. Also, attempting to cut your way out of a net with a warhammer is pretty difficult. DQDesign – Monday, 23rd July, Being an artist or asudner poet is a job, experiencing the vastness and richness that life has to offer; being a Phiarlan or a Thuranni is who you are, someone who knows that secrets and power support much in this world.


A talented playwright or masseuse or even a potter can become a guild master just as easily as a famous actor. Ellegerno says that breaking people from their routines, getting torj to face their limiting fears and truly experience life is what being an artist is all about. As Houses that specialize in information, targets of strike teams will have been thoroughly researched. In its broadest sense, this is the art of deception. Looking at me with it’s bacon-smile, and it’s sunny-side-up eyes.


Not every enclave need have a wing filled with mystery and death, but many do. As the Lords of Dust use misdirection and disguise to infiltrate and corrupt the world, some puritans think the flighty artists only aid the forces of darkness.

Intuition dice are granted by the marks to give you a bonus to skills. Laughed out loud at Shavarath snowball tor. Changelings are togn too duplicitous to be brought into a strike team. I know it’s plotting something.

House Phiarlan is neutral. Gradually, intelligence-gathering became a secret industry for the phiarlan families, even as their skill with art, song, and ashnder became a shield against detection. Insert a link to a new page. I feel like there will be a lot of people who like both Ravnica and Eberron and lots who like neither.


I’m neutral on campaign setting books. With architecture another venue for artistic expression, it seems as if no two Guild buildings are ever the same. While House Phiarlan long ago severed its ties to the Undying Courtmembers of the house still hold their history and the memories of their ancestors in high regard. The elves of that lost age were not a single, monolithic culture, and in the dying days of the giants, the former slaves eebrron them fought alongside the warriors of a dozen different unconquered elf tribes.

To explain the present, one must look at the past. The Shadow Network shares many of the same traits as the Artisans and Entertainers Guild, only magnified. Potions are good magic items for the Houses of Shadow to use, since they are easy to hide, disposable, and easily destroyed if capture is imminent.

Originally Posted by tyckspoon. I could have lived my life if they never updated Eberron for 5e, I am perfectly capable of using the same places and names and plots as the 3.

[Eberron] War-Torn novel submission update (but no answer yet)

Some thirty-two hundred years ago, two of the first three dragonmarks appeared among the Aerenal elves. Just started on dragonmarks. Did you want Edward Elric exclusively? With the gnomes craving knowledge with an almost religious fervour, there is a constant and sometimes not-so-subtle war of information between the House of Scribing and the Shadow Houses.

But when things become serious, art is left aside and you become whatever it is needed to survive. You know when it pays to be circumspect. This includes the artistic qsunder of illusions, puppetry, and literal shadow plays, but the Demesne of Shadow also encompasses the verbal arts of deception and coercion, feigning emotions, and playing a role.

What happened to the 13th Day of Christmas? : Eberron

How do the twin asudner of entertainment and espionage converge? Those who have their own intelligence organizations learn through them that there are silent players working the shadows; very talented players. I will have my vengeance! Finally, Siberys turned to confront Khyber, to stop the dark dragon from consuming the stars.


And in some cases, the Shadow elves also assassinate certain individuals. To answer this, the elves quote a great actor of their history who, in the ages even before Dargonmarks appeared stated: The masters of this discipline belonged to the Thuranni lines, and the newborn house claimed the Karrnath enclave that housed the demesne during the Shadow Schism.

Each is incredibly hard to master, and requires intensive training and the study of ancient tomes. Some move in packs, the Carnival of Shadows run by Phiarlan being the most recognized example. In the espionage branch there are experts, as well as a relatively high number of PC classes. I would likely not buy it if only available as PDF as I hate reading in that format.

The Serpentine Table is the effective sixth demesne of Phiarlan, and the espionage arm of the house. Surprisingly a relatively significant number of shifters are employed in the strike teams.

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To enter such an enclave is to engage in a wondrous exploration of the senses. That all of you crying for this setting no doubt already have? We’ve already been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have instant access to your previous versions. Fans can also use this document as a jumping off point to create their own monsters, adventure modules, and other tabletop content set within Eberron and put it up for sale on the Dungeon Masters Guild dmsguild.

Could even be an introduction to the planes. What follows is a recounting of that game.