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(ii) on deposit pending assessment (C&E. Management Act section ). OR. (iii) on deposit pending consideration of relief. Examined, Satisfied, Cleared . C&E – this form is issued by HM Revenue and. Customs for a vehicle of any age personally imported from outside the EU. □ C&E – this form is issued. You have personally imported your motor vehicle into the UK from outside the EC . You should obtain Form C&E ,. or from HM Customs and Excise.

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The Department for Transport has put together booklet PI5, titled: Or you may get lucky anyway.

Imported Vehicle and Classic Car Registration

You must also be able to provide documentary proof of these facts. You may or may not want to remove this, if you do then a speedo conversion chip will do the job at the same time as the mph conversion.

Private Motor Vehicle Application. Trade plate holders verification of having checked keepers details.

A copy of photo driving licence 836 other listed documents. This mandatory requirement for all vehicles has come into force from the 1st April and needs to be done with 14 days from the date of arrival.

C&E form, what do I do with it? [Archive] – SXOC Bulletin Board

I think the DVLA must be hit and miss with this then? The Defi will not defeat the limiter, I don’t have any plans of driving that v&e anyway, and having it intact ce a good defence against massively inaccurate speed cameras. I had the same problem when I registered the car in But several stories I have heard from people in the same situation they were all explicable told to fill in the NOVA form regardless if it was imported before NOVA was implemented or after, but having had contact with the DVLA several times over cc&e years I am not surprised that you didnt have to, the information seem to change depending on who you are talking to.


So it’s landed, I wasn’t expecting it until the 13th though! European Certificate of Conformity.

Many Thanks to all for the replies. Statutory Off Road Notification. Rates of Vehicle Tax.

National Clearance Hub

Oh yeah, if someone else is registering it for you then you should send them theI imagine. Another question, will the Defi defeat the JDM mph limiter? Economic Operator Registration Identification. Place of importation Customs declaration number Customs entry number Date of declaration Value declared Commodity code used Please note: If it’s actually in the UK I want to go down to Bristol and actually see the bloody thing that I’ve spent so much money on. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Based upon the information you have provided to HMRC an application can now be made to register and license the vehicle with DVLA” Thereafter it was simply a case of following the guidance set out on the following web page https: Presumably I need to send it to the people who are going to be registering my car for me, but what does the form actually mean, does it mean the car is now actually in the UK and has been seen by them, or is the form issued in advance?

This form is no longer used, as commercial traders now register their own vehicles on the HMRC Online services. Unique vehicle number often referred to as Chassis Number. Well I just rang the company doing the imports for me. DVLA held vehicle history. Form stating vehicle imported is new and has never been registered.

Oh and the Ceffy uses a speedo cable anyway! For more information on this, please contact us. Document confirms vehicle now to full UK specification. Home About About Us. One thing is that my car is produced in Maywhich I wrote to the Dvla with cc&e to the commission plate where the production date is stamped, still they entered the date of first registration to be 1.


Sign 36 Sign Up. I called DVLA two times to ask and could not believe the ignorance and useless x&e I was given, both times they said you need the Nova, and it has been in place for many years failing to know that Nova was implemented about six months after my car was imported, it was mandatory in Marchwhen I told one of the advisers this he said I was wrong, I was not wrong!

The Service Level Agreement on cars is 3 working days. Then c&s generate a number and print out the info, job done. The reason I mention the fog light is because this company’s standard procedure is to fit a flush fitting one in the bumper, so I’ve just rung them up again and told them not to do that as I hate them.

See here for c&w write-up: Home Exporting and importing. Far Eastern Freight Conference. HMRC number confirms import is in processing system. Sign in Already have an account?

Required if you have evidence of previous UK 38. Notification of Vehicle Arrival. For more information on importing cars, motorcycles, boats, pick-ups or any other motor vehicle, please feel free to contact a member of our Imports Team, onor email us at: C&ee job done I guess.

DVSA test required on vehicles registered for 3 years, Pre vehicles exempt. List of Vehicle Owners Clubs. For more information on how we use your data, read our privacy policy.

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