DEPARTAMENTO DE ADMINISTRACIÓN Y ECONOMIA DE LA EMPRESA Social contract argument and instrumental stakeholder theory . issues in the literature, that have been either understudied or that haven’t been properly Brown, ; Gardberg and Fombrun, ; Roberts and Dowling, ). 26 nov. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Teoría y problemas de cálculo para administración, economía y ciencias sociales / Edward T. Dowling ; traducción Alonso Arias Betancourt ; revisión técnica.

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In both cases the performances of the catalysts prepared with rice husk ash and commercial silica were similar. The effect of liming was not dependent on the meat wastes composition nor CaO dose. This study socialed laboratory-scale observations of reactions between Fe-Al alloys 0. Full Text Available The CaO solid derived from natural quail eggshell was calcined and employed as catalyst to produce biodiesel via transesterification of sunflower oil.

To systematically analyze the properties, tastes, and effects of these medicines and its related knowledge, and then further explore the overall recognition and their treating experience of the physicians at that period would not only enrich the historical research on impediment disease, but also offer much help and reference to the understanding and treatment of impediment for contemporary clinicians.

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In the Sheng nong ben cao jing, it only includes costus root without the title of eaglewood, and Tao Hongjing recorded both herbs together in his Ming yi bie lu Supplementary Records of Celebrated Physicianswhich became a foreshadow of misunderstanding of the later generations. Additional lime of CaO in rearing medium with salinity for growing of catfish Pangasius hypopthalmus. FTIR analysis of raw palm kernel shell showed the presence of various functional groups.

The combined addition of a Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture SRA with a CaO-based expansive agent CaO has been found to have a synergistic effect to improve the dimensional stability of cement based materials. This communication try to revea The microstructures were observed and the crystalline phases were identified using the X-ray diffraction technique, indicting that the Al 2 O 3 was solidified when the melt temperature was higher than the peritectic temperature, T p.

Limestone addition to circulating fluidized bed boilers for sulfur removal affects nitrous oxide N 2 O emission at the same time, but mechanism of how sulfation process influences the surface activity of CaO for N 2 O decomposition remains unclear. These spectacular gold and silver jewels are some of the most sophisticated metalworking ever produced in ancient America.

In the photosynthetic organisms, the light-driven formation of the WOC from dissolved metal ions is a key process because it is essential in both initial activation and continuous repair of PSII. Although the oxidation behavior was dependent on oxidation temperature and oxygen concentration, CaS obtained from Ca-exchanged brown coal was more rapidly converted to CaSO4 than limestone.


A possible link is suggested by Deleuze and Guattari in their discussion of the three major trends of thought – art, science, and philosophy- as different ways of dealing with chaos, tracing a plan which traverses it. In addition, the scaffold has highly porous 3D nanostructure with dominant mesopores at Temperature showed a stronger effect than CaO 2 on microbial community structure, but CaO 2 addition was more effective than temperature in enhancing hydrolytic and acidifying microorganisms.

All the synthesized catalysts were then applied to transesterification reaction of palm oil to produce biodiesel. Some weaknesses of conventional glass ionomer cement GIC as dental materials, for instance the lack of bioactive potential and poor mechanical properties, remain unsolved. Preparation, structural characterization, and in vitro cell studies of three-dimensional SiO2- CaO binary glass scaffolds built ofultra-small nanofibers.

We have used conserved motifs from the chlorophyll a oxygenase CAO gene from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to isolate a homologue from Arabidopsis thaliana. Full Text Available We have studied the effects of various Kampo medicines on P-glycoprotein P-gp, a drug transporter, in vitro. Resistance of the coating layer on VCr-5Ti, measured in-situ in liquid lithium that contained 2 at.

Calcium looping is a high-temperature CO 2 capture technology applicable to the postcombustion capture of CO 2 from power station flue gas, or integrated with fuel conversion in precombustion CO 2 capture schemes. The Moche were very sophisticated artisans and metal smiths, being considered the finest producers of jewels and artifacts of the region.

In conclusion, rhubarb may cause changes in the drug dispositions of P-gp substrates through the inhibition of P-gp. Retrospective data of CVD cases were obtained from a data base of four hospitals in Thai Nguyen province for a period of 5 years from to An indirect sign of bronchiectasis identified in the patient was the bronchial wall thickening, possibly due to the infiltration of inflammatory components, edema and even by peri-bronchial abscesses.

Pada penelitian ini dilakukan reaksi transesterifikasi dari minyak jelantah menjadi biodiesel menggunakan katalis CaO dan SrO. Effect of CaO 2 addition on anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge at different temperatures and the promotion of valuable carbon source production under ambient condition.

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The cumulative effect of cold exposure on CVD admissions was statistically significant with a relative risk of 1. Remember me on this computer. Especially, tea which origins from Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen has been known for long eddward its better quality than those coming from other regions on the country.

Flexural strength of the ceramic containing 40 wt. A more deformable mortar or concrete, due to the delay in microstructure development by SRA, coupled with a finer microstructure of CaO hydration products could allow higher early expansion, which might contribute in contrasting better the successive drying shrinkage. The results revealed that the CaO nanocomposite synthesized via a green route was a promising candidate for the removal of E.


Effect of CaO 2 on cow dung rapid bio-drying technology was researched. According to our preliminary experiments, the addition of CaO improved strength, but the process window became narrow.

Two commercial available gasification technologies, Shell and Texaco, are integrated with the sorption-enhanced process. The purgative action of DKT, which was continued treatment of the ampicillin, was significantly greater than that by SA alone, and it was shown that RG was involved in this effect. Doping of the glasses with oxides of some other elements is known to affect their capability to support hydroxyapatite formation and thus bone tissue healing but also to modify their high temperature processing parameters.

Cancel Forgot your password? The possibilities that appear in the nuclear security branch where the information deriving from chaos and fractal techniques may help to the development of better criteria and more reliable designs, are of special importance.

After 3 months in SBF, all samples displayed a reduction in strength. In this paper, we investigate the effect of substituting SrO for CaO in silicate and phosphate bioactive glasses on the human gingival fibroblast activity. Data from CAO -AToMS reveals local-scale patterns in environmental conditions and ecological variation that meets or exceeds the variation previously reported across ecosystems of the Western Amazon Basin.

Schaum’s outline of theory and problems of calculus for business, economics and the social sciences. This solid catalyst was tested for transesterification of waste cooking oil WCO. The radiographic analysis showed some differences in the joint of the silver-and-gold sheets. Bronchiectasis is a bronchial dilatation caused by changes in the bronchial wall usually due to infectious processes. The glasses containing SrO showed rapid cell proliferation and growth between 7 and 14 days, reaching similar activity than glass S53P4.

This study presents laboratory testing on t.vowling CaO stabilization of fine-grained marine sediments in low temperature areas. Unimodal porous silica having the identical mesopore diameter was employed for the purpose of comparison. Full Text Available Background: Initial reaction between CaO and SO 2 under carbonating and non-carbonating conditions.

Results The experimental GICs set more slowly than the commercial product, but their extended setting times are still within the maximum limit 8 min specified in ISO