Assurance. Assurance Introduction and Assurance Program · Assurance Details: How can I get CAcert Assurance Points (APs)?. TTP – Trusted Third Party; WoT/CAP – Web of Trust and CAcert Assurance Program; Getting Points at Big Events; Becoming an Assurer; Getting. All you need to know about CAcert Assurance Points FAQ/ CAcert community is here you need a RSS newsfeed of CAcert wiki updates.

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Ask if the account is already created. Because you are the Assurer, you are totally responsible for the results. Once again, try IRC or mailing list s! Replace the old root with the new one, which is published on this page cacdrt SHA!

Transliterations Usual transliterations, missing accents and similar things are accepted. The following procedure is a proposal.

Welcome to the CAcert Wiki – FREE digital certificates for everyone

And it’s easy to install CAcert’s root certificates manually. It has the same value as assurancw, and it is usually alphabetized as if it were a y.

Terminated Permanently in April In your country, the system of justice may have a reputation for looking after you, but this is not true of all places. If you have any doubts about a request ask for help. Instead of saying “or else you’ll face Arbitration,” rather say this: So for the moment, the result is lost.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Below the number of old points showed the amount of trust CAcert had in your identity. The public key is made available as broadly as possible since this is the one that can be used to encrypt data that only the owner of the private key can decrypt.


The assurer has to make an arrangement how the signed ParentsForm receives the Assurer and the signed parents form can be returned to the Junior Member, maybe possible assufance snail-mail, or a second face-to-face meeting.

In NovemberClaimID. If in doubt do it from a Live-CD like knoppix. There is nothing that would explicitly prohibit this Assurance from being completed at this time. This will most often occur if the documents assurrance totally unfamiliar to you.

Class 3 is a high-security subset of Class 1. It is independent from commercial CA’s. In order to answer that question one only needs to look at the Assurance Policy, which states: The ambition is to have only a Name in the account which has no abbreviation sno transliteration and is case sensitive. For example, a Finnish driver’s license presented to an Australian Assurer at an event in Chile!

CAP – CAcert Assurance Program | AcronymFinder

Even if all names are given names, like for example in Indonesia, at least two names must be included without abbreviations if present. Oatley, New South WalesAustralia. The assurancce contained in the documents Names and date of birth is identical to that on the CAP form. They are fully compatible with all certificates issued by CAcert previously. It is generally published so that all the Community can watch and govern the system, and we can improve our policies and practices over time.

Abbreviation of second given name smiddle name stitles and name extensions in the name of an individual to one character and the dot indicating the abbreviation, is permitted. If the first given name in the ID document is abbreviated, the first given name in the web account Name may be abbreviated.


The URL for this page is http: Tverify, which takes certificates and other information from other CAs. You should be familiar with that clause and how to explain it to new and prospective Members. This is done as a Quality Assurance activity so the Assurance Officer has some means to judge the quality of the Assurer Network, as it is requires assurajce the Audit Criteria.

What is a co-auditor? Please contact Assurance Officer if you have further details so we ccert update these infos. As a rule of thumb, this is generally by now a poor idea to download and install any dacert with “MD5” labelled on it. Academic titles, like middle names, have to be contained in at least one ID document assurance be assured.

The assurance ambition is to pursue a highly discriminative assured Name in the account. In order to signal a statement of reliance, you can add the term “This is a reliable statement. Email Address given was invalid, or a test connection couldn’t be made to your server, or the server rejected the email address as invalid Please read also the 1st wiki note “Small branch from the topic” in this article.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is not forbidden to have multiple accounts. If assurances are assurnce superficially, this reliance will fail and the project will go down the drain.