The Blood Stone Mines was a locale in Outworld which was originally meant to appear in Mortal Kombat 4. The picture and concept sketch of this scrapped. Dec 20, The famed Bloodstone Mines are located beneath the Frostcrown Mountains ( called the “Salakr√ľn Mountains” by the dwarves) and have long. Jun 14, H2 The Mines of Bloodstone (1e) – The most deadly dungeon ever designed! High-level characters brave the unexplored corridors of.

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There is a chance at contracting a magical disease, there is no save if you come in contact, it’s game-ending, and the module states that “only a wish, maybe” can fix it. The bard is double-specialized in the longsword and dagger and throwing dagger – that’s 9 proficiency slots right there, but as a former 8th level fighter he only has 6 – his other classes give him some, but specialization is a fighter ability so that’s pretty bogus.

Their homes were crushed and their great city destroyed in a single night of horror. They leave that work to those better accustomed to it. So if you want to fight in a huge battle in a giant cavern in the Underdark, this is for you. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.

Learning Center What is a mineral? The army is dealt with either by sneaking around good luck, they use a massive amount of continuous magic to prevent that or recruiting allies and fighting a set-piece battle. The characters need to journey through a blizzard to get to the Bloodstone Mines, which lead to the duergar kingdom of Deepearth, and the Temple of Orcus.


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It hands out a lot of magical treasure, simply piles on foes, and doesn’t give you a lot to work with in many situations. He stretched out his hand and touched the surface of the pool.

Bloodstone This page is currently not sponsored. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. The neighboring Duergarwho lived desperate and squalid lives bloodstond a nearby network of caverns that led up to the svirfneblin kingdom.

Bloodstone Mines | Tales of the Bloodstone Lands | Obsidian Portal

I don’t love this adventure. Others are just plain mechanical – make some saving throws, move on. It is not well-known that long ago, a small svirneblin city occupied a giant cavern deep beneath the Bloodstone Mines. Sterrett, Douglas BovardGems and precious stones. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: TL – Type Locality for a valid mineral species. It’s paved with a corkscrewing road of yellow bricks that curls to the center of town.

Bloodstone Mines

The Pregens are a perfect example. Today, the svirfneblin, live in exile; their tribe only a shattered remnant of its former glory. But the Deep-Gnomes, too, had their enemies.

Lots of rooms that are basically boxed text, GM text, monster, treasure. Hide all sections Show all sections. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. I’d play it or run it, but the GM and group need to bring more to it.


Friday, December 9, Review: Many of these seem a little overdone, though. Oregon Hood River Co. December 31, Log In Register Language: Serpentine Subgroup 1 photo of Bloodstone associated with Serpentine Subgroup on mindat.

Curious, he crawled inside, hoping to find gold or precious gems. Pages using deprecated image syntax.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia. Then one night, a lone duergar crept into the svirfneblin realm to steal food and perhaps murder a few gnomes. It’s kind of odd, actually, that Underdark armies aren’t fighting skirmishes and raids and occasional invasions but fight in ranked formtions over roads and rises albeit roofed ones.

There is a shaft from the upper area of the isometric map to the lower level, but it’s not clear where it actually connects. Seems a bit harsh. In the Bloodstone Mines, adventurers may find the monsters of the darkest underworld. Duergar are often encountered, remnants of the grey dwarf community that was smashed in the battle for the mines more than a year ago.