Forum. Plogue’s forum contains almost 44 posts related to Bidule, chipsounds, chipcrusher and chipspeech. Thanks to more than registered members. Note: An online version of this user manual is available here. 2 Tutorial – Using MIDI Connectivity in a Modular Host (Plogue Bidule). This manual teaches you how to produce your own music with B-Step Sequencer on Windows, Mac or iPad. Plogue Bidule (since v) – Podium (since v).

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Thank you for your comments. Open the panel for the variable and change the high limit to 10, This panel is for setting up the inputs, outputs and the name of the group. Check your multitimbral VSTi’s manual for information mwnual how to configure this specifically. Post Wed Aug 15, 2: This time we can hold down control when making the first connection because we want to bidulw both cables.

Join us on Slack. Double click the icon and add some ports.

If you move your mouse over the cable connecting the oscillator to the mixer, it should highlight. At the top of the screen will be bidkle lone white box, and at the bottom 2 blue boxes.

B-Step Sequencer Manual – Getting started VST / AU

They are as follows:. Just to make things clearer, lets rename the cutoff frequency control so we dont get confused between this frequency and the other oscillator frequency control. Presets, params, lock, random and mutate. You can also open the panel for the 16 Steps Seq and play around in there.

A progress dialog will appear to inform you that its creating the necessary voices. The output value is what we will use to shape the sound, and the activity gate is another logic signal bodule is 1 when the envelope is doing something, i.


Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer

They are either 0 or 1, nothing inbetween. Sample input The audio we want to filter Frequency Input.

THe Best tutorial I found on the subbject. Lets wire up the note extractor to the oscillator, we wont use the control key while wiring the note extractor because we dont want to wire up all 4 outputs to all 4 inputs. If you dont, biidule check the mixer panel double click it and see if the level meters bidupe the right show some signal. The time it takes for the envelope to grow to a maximum value Decay: You can either select it and hit delete, or use the context menu for the module.

All numbers are written in the UK ,anual. Ideally we might want to play the synth via midi. It is very customiseable, as you can even specify the maximum polyphony, and both the note stealing and note protection algorithms you need for your specific synth.

Now, we can either replace the current inputs to the oscillator with the outputs from the note extractor or we can combine them. Now connect this box to the second input of the oscillator. The gate is 1 or high during a note, i. The main MIDI section, not the MIDI section within Building Blocks…there are a lot of different pieces available in bidule and it will take some time to get used to what they are and where they live.

In Bidule you manaul open the parameters window and map the parameters of Bidule to any VST loaded to the Bidule surface. Hopefully you will know what your audio device is and can choose the right one.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer – Relive The Future

Also, I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers of any of these products, just an home user who likes to toy with this kind of stuff. Manul we are going to use the envelope to control bivule filter cutoff of each note as it plays. Amazing kick-start tutorial, extremely well documented, thanks so much! It probably doesnt sound any different to how it sounded before, thats because the default envelope settings use a high sustain level and very low times for the ADR parts. Basically any group that has at least one midi input, and at least two audio ouputs qualifies as a voice group.


All the other wave types have harmonics which will be affected by the filter setting. This is a low-pass filter which means that it will let through frequencies lower than the cutoff frequency i. The input types are colour coded so you can tell which types of signals go where. You can add the device by double clicking the entry in the palette or you can drag it onto the canvas. I wont go into details here, but you can read more about filter types in these great articles from Sound on Sound Synth Secrets 1 Synth Secrets 2 The whole series is definitely worth reading.

We want stereo output, so while dragging a line from the left mixer output to your audio device, hold down the control key and it will attach both cables.

This is because of the frequency variable input to the oscillator is shifting all of the frequencies, so delete it and everything should be normal. On windows direct sound is preferable to MME. You should have a layout that looks like this: In there biduke have minimum and maximum values and a slider to set the value.

Now we can test that the audio is working.