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Among the Great Apes: Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Classical economists don’t like to be reminded of the ugly realities of Imperialism. Why More Is Less.


Constantin Dobrogeanu GhereaOpere Complete, vol. Broadway Business Anul aparitiei: The Tofflers explain that we are becoming a nation of -prosumers, – consuming what we ourselves produce, and argue that we have all taken on -third jobswork we unwittingly do without pay for some of the biggest corporations in the country.

Pluto Press UK Anul aparitiei: Hernando de SotoThe Mystery of Capital: Ultima sa carte, ‘Avutia in miscare’, strabate inca o frontiera: Printre altele, vom asista la cresterea influentei prosumatorilor — indivizi care produc bunuri sau servicii pentru propriul uz, si nu cu scopul comercializarii —, la personalizarea majoritatii produselor si accelerarea incredibila a tuturor operatiunilor.

Wlliam Gladwell meets Alvin Toffler in this lively, provocative and witty look at our possible futures. The Third Wave makes startling sense of the violent changes now battering our world. It is one of the most important books you will ever read. O lucrare plina de exemple din viata de zi cu zi care ajuta la conturarea unei imagini a viitorului posibil. Its sweeping synthesis casts fresh light on our new forms of marriage and family, on today’s dramatic changes in business and economics.


Carti alvin toffler

Carti alvin toffler Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. In Powershift, Toffler argues that while miscaare focus on shifts of power at the global level, equally significant shifts are taking place in the everyday world we all inhabit–the world of supermarkets and hospitals, banks and business offices, television and telephones, politics and personal life.

It points toward new forms of twenty-first-century democracy. Change affects our products, communities, organizations–even our patterns of friendship and love. PowerShift – Puterea in miscare.

Alvin Toffler, best-selling author of Future Shock and The Third WaveThis new and completely revised edition of Super Imperialism describes the genesis of America’s political and financial domination. These are just some of the provocative forecasts avutis how the world might change in the next half century which Richard Watson explores in “Future Files.

Carti alvin toffler

Small’s iBrain separates the digital natives from the digital immigrants, and suggests that the Internet–with its virtually limitless wealth of news and information–is radically altering the way young minds are developing and functioning. Praise for Powershift ” A] Hudson’s critique of the destructive course of the international economic system provides important insights into Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind, Gary Small, one of America’s leading neuroscientists, explores the remarkable evolution of the human brain caused by today’s constant technological presence.

Disponibil in 14 zile! Disponibil in zile! Adventures on the Trail of Our Closest Relatives.

In cadrul acestei editii revizuite integral, Stuart Crainer si Des Dearlove ii aduc la un loc pe cei mai semnificativi guru din toate timpurile.


Now, in Powershift, he brings to a climax the ideas set forth in his previous works to offer a stunning vision of the future that will change your life.

In the spirit of Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock,” comes a social critique of the avktia with choice, particularly in the realm of consumer goods, which the author argues is linked directly to the epidemic of anxiety and dissatisfaction in America. Seldes, a pivotal figure in the history of American journalism and a tireless researcher, spent the better part of his extraordinary lifetime compiling the thoughts that rule the world, casting his net widely and wisely through the essential works of philosophy, poetry, psychology, economics, politics, memoirs, and letters from the ancient Greeks to the modern Americans.

This paperback includes a new P. Himself an ardent goalkeeper, the author of Lolita viewed soccer as more than a game: Praise for Future Shock “Explosive.

Future Shock is about what is happening today to people and groups who are overwhelmed by change. Harper Paperbacks Anul aparitiei: Nicholas Brealey Publishing Anul aparitiei: What does the peasant still imscare or expects from the land? Difficult to detect at the time, these problems have since become explicit as the failure of the international economic system has become misccare the IMF and World Bank were set up to give aid to developing countries, but instead many of the world’s poorest countries have been plunged into insurmountable debt crises.