A blog about teen fiction author Stasia Ward Kehoe, craft of writing, and work-life balance. When high school junior Sara wins a coveted scholarship to study ballet, she must sacrifice everything for her new life as a professional. Told through free-verse poetry, Kehoe’s first novel about an aspiring ballerina pairs Audition. Stasia Ward Kehoe. Viking, $ (p) ISBN.

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I know that’s probably injecting too much reality into teen fiction, but it really bothered me that a year-old carried on a months long sexual affair with a year-old and no one noticed, no one cared, no one else seemed to think that this was an actual problem.

It is interesting to see the dedication to this aydition and what it takes to succeed, and the normal everyday high school experiences you must leave behind.

Sara begins to question her future as never before. I am interested to read more of Ms. I have yet to read a novel in verse. Or will Remington step in and save it all- or will he be thrown away as well?

I audiition ballet for a few years when I was younger, so I knew some of the terms but more than half I had no idea what they were. Ugh, what a complete arse.

At the beginningit’s all really sweet, but slowly the cracks let out and we see Rem’s true colours, and his true intentions.


As I used to participate in dance classes and I love watching the art form unfold, I adore reading stories about dancing. The characters are drawn in bold strokes – fair maiden, handsome prince – that suit a ballet.

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Sara is so paranoid that she doesn’t go see Jane once she harms herself dancing. He is rewarded for these new moves, yet once Sara finds out she is angry. Dec 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: She grows and begins to understand herself after being with Rem, and the revelations and in-betweens are what would push me ,ehoe re-read this. Not only is she far away from homefrom her best friend Bess and her ztasia. He has the confidence about him, the way he saunters around the studio and his brooding eyes always seem to distract Sara from her positions during rehearsals.

I’ve followed Stasia’s blog for a while. But Wward inspires Sara as well to question her own path. We are given an idea, she does sort of make some decisions, but it was unsatisfying.

She gets a crush on him right away.

Kehoe, Stasia Ward: Audition.

She never said what was on her mind. I jump to the chance to read any dancing YA novel. Remington is a dance instructor, gorgeous, older in his early twenties, against her sixteen years and Sara fast becomes entangled in the addictive pull of his attention. Read the auditioj of my review here.

Kehoe, Stasia Ward: Audition. – Free Online Library

Given how much her character seems to like reading, you would think she would know that. I just know the general values of the scene. This man is completely one-dimensional.


Having never really had a boyfriend, she has to experiment and figure out what she wants. I think a huge reason for the easy adaptability to the style kehooe Stasia’s mastery with it. Stylistically, this one drove me a bit crazy. I actually love that their relationship seemed realistic, and I have no doubt that such a one exists somewhere.

She seems more mature than other girls her age since she is living auxition from home and living her dream while embarking on her first relationship.

: Audition (): Stasia Ward Kehoe: Books

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller. If you want complete honesty, the characters weren’t the strongest point of this book. Retrieved Dec 31 from https: She gets pretty average grades, has a couple good friends back home, deals aucition trying to fit in with the rich and glamorous at Upton Academy, and catch up to the talented and esteemed prima ballerinas especially Lisette at the Jersey Ballet.

The only thing kehof kept me from giving this one five stars is because the ending felt extremely rushed, and that the resolution was just too tidy.