View and Download Pentax MX manual online. for difficulties resulting from the use of any other brand of lenses or accessories with an Asahi Pentax. camera. The Pentax MX was a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera produced by Asahi Optical Co, later The MX is all manual: it does not feature autofocus or autoexposure modes such as aperture-priority, shutter-speed priority, or full program. Thank you for purchasing the PENTAX MX Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the features.

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Other reviews pebtax mentioned the very stiff shutter speed ,x. I can recommend the Pentax MX: When I compared the size of my Nikon F3 with motor drive to the Pentaxthe Nikon was larger, weighed more, yadayadayada and compared the results with fashion, wedding and mqnual work, I sold the F3 and bought an MX with the same system of lenses. Loved the lens so kept the camera. For low light metering I just pull out my Luna-Pro.

If you intend to take infra-red photographs, remember to use the infra-red mark indicated with an orange line on the depth-of-field scale. One of the main reasons I got it was because I’ve been looking for a fully manual camera, it is almost entirely mechanical which I like very much. Also, packed in with most types of 35mm film is a data sheet with suggestions for determining the correct manuzl in a variety of situations.

I enjoy using my MX, but I have many other cameras that on the whole I enjoy using a bit more – the K2DMD, Minolta SRT – even without that fantastic viewfinder, though these others are too big and heavy for travel. A images film back was available as well as a 5 fps motor drive and a 2 fps winder and numerous other accessories. The “notorious” stiff shutter speed dial is also more conducive to deliberate shooting.

Pentax MX User Manual 40 pages. The shutter speed selection manuap is stiff and takes a lot of effort to move, making quick adjustments to exposure possible only by changing aperture, not shutter speed. I accept that some people find it far too small to use comfortably, but I’m not one of them.


Shutter speed index 9. Certainly penhax LEDs may be prone to failure eventually but none of my copies have ever had a problem nor shown any signs penntax one.

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

Pentax MX – Wikipedia

Use the above address for a check, M. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. Still, I bought it for its asabi and portability – with a cross-shoulder strap screwed into the tripod mount it can hang conveniently at the user’s side, even under a jacket, almost forgotten until needed and for this a shorter lens is definitely recommended. It needed new foam seals normal and after replacing them I have enjoyed running 3 rolls through with great results.

The tripod spacer was very inconvenient – I was paranoid about losing it! It is an excellent fully manual SLR, easy to use even if your battery dies which is an usual event as they last a very md timetotally reliable and built like a tank.

Pentax MX Service Manual mwnual pages. Set Film Speed While depressing the tiny button atop the shutter dial, turn the rim of the shutter dial until the ASA number of the film you are using is centered in the ASA window. Asai, if the camera is to operate at full efficiency in very cold conditions, it must be overhauled and all oil must be replaced. Small size, battery-independent where necessary.

When I PX’d it for other camera gear.

I can’t imagine anyone complaining about the build of the body. Screw the conventional Takumar lens into the Mount Adaptor K. After depressing the shutter button, turn the lock lever which is on the collar at the base of the shutter button so that the letter “L” is visible.

The manufacturer or its authorized representatives shall not be liable for any repair or alterations except those made with its written consent and shall not be liable for damages from delay or loss of use or from other indirect or consequential damages of any kind, whether caused by defective material or workmanship or otherwise; and it is expressly agreed that the liability of the manufacturer or its representatives under all guarantees or warranties, whether expressed or implied, is strictly limited to the replacement of parts as hereinbefore provided.


Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

Focusing, aperture and shutter speed selection are all done automatically for you these days but doing all of these yourself on an MX is simple and quick and means you learn a lot about the important aspects of photography. Instant return mirror and automatic diaphragm. Using Screw-mount Takumar Lenses As with the ME, which I have also reviewed, I find this camera works best out-of-the-box with smaller and lighter primes. Since my MX continues to keep on shooting after several years of continuous use, while both my Ricoh and Chinon bodies have bit the dust, I ultimately have to admit that the MX was a better value for the money.

In such a case, to achieve a really good photo, you must compensate for the difference by opening or closing down the aperture 1 or 2 stops.

The viewfinder isn’t as good as the ME Super’s. However, in such a case, take your camera as soon as possible to an authorized Asahi Pentax Service Center. There are basically two types of flash bulb attachments on the market: One set of batteries will last about one year, or operate the shutter about 10, times. An error occurred, please try again.

Pentax MX Manual

Shipping charges are to be borne by the owner. Select a valid country. If this is not possible, keeping the camera in its case or bag will help asshi in minimizing the effects of a rapid temperature change.

An infra-red focusing adjustment is not required when working with infra-red color film. Advance the film by alternately advancing the rapid wind lever and depressing the shutter button until both top and bottom sprockets engage the film perforations. In this way psntax experience every benefit a rangefinder window has to offer combined with TTL DoF feedback and nearly exact framing that is the benefit of shooting an SLR petax a prism and mirror, all at the same time.