Bases fisiológicas y moleculares de la acción de los herbicidas. Absorción: radicular y foliar. Factores que la modifican. Translocación: apoplasto y simplasto ;. É absorvido na forma de Mn2+ pelas raízes e acumulado nos compartimentos do apoplasto e simplasto em três frações distintas: a forma trocável, referente ao. Embora ainda não existam técnicas que permitam uma definição clara se o Al está no simplasto ou no apoplasto, técnicas de fracionamento ou de coloração.

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Inheritance of aluminum tolerance in maize.

Genotypic influence on the absorption and toxicity of manganese in soybean

Comparative RFLP maps of the homeologous group-2 chromosomes of wheat, rye and barley. Encontra-se em teor que varia de 20 a 3. Os cultivares de soja [ Glycine max L. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Aluminum tolerance in wheat Triticum aestivum L. A rapid hydroponic screening for aluminium tolerance in barley.


Aluminum phytotoxicity: effects, tolerance mechanisms and its genetic control

Canadian Journal of Genetics and CytologyOttawa, v. Analysis of the barley and rice genomes by comparative RFLP linkage mapping. Physiological effects of hydrogen, aluminum and manganese toxicities in acid soil. The effect of aluminium and some other trivalent metal cations on cell division in the root apices of Allium cepa. Russell, Alan Wild, Alan Wild, Trace elements in soils and plants.

Plant CellBaltimore, v. Annual Review Plant PhysiologyBethesda, v. En los haces vasculares, entre el xilema y floema primario, se distingue el procambium, que es el meristema que da lugar al protoxilema y metaxilema – ambos Identificado el mecanismo que permite el crecimiento continuo en Role of calcium in aluminium toxicity. Water and solutes in plants.

Relationship of pH to ion uptake imbalance by varieties of wheat Triticum vulgare. Manganese uptake by excised oat roots.

Characterization of differential aluminum tolerance among varieties of wheat and barley. Desordens nutricionais no Smplasto. Water relations of plant cells. Mechanisms of adaptation of plants to acid soils.


Meaning of “endodermis” in the Spanish dictionary

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Ammonium uptake by wheat varieties differing in Al tolerance. Mechanisms of aluminum tolerance in wheat.

Un estudio sobre la Molecular and General GeneticsBerlin, v. Effect of aluminum on growth of root tips of honey locust and loblolly pine. Aluminum inhibition of the 1,4,5-triphosphate signal transduction pathway in wheat roots: Short-term responses of soybean roots to aluminum.