Apollodorus’s Bibliotheca is the most important extant mythographical work from antiquity, because of both its comprehensive organizational. D. APOLLODORUS THE LIBRARY I vGooQle 3^1 y Google APOLLODORUS Robert in his learned and able dissertation De ApoUodari Bibliotheca (Berlin. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of.

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Europa, Minos, Pasiphae 2. Battle of the gods and giants, vi. But when these recoiled on him through the force of the thunderbolt, bibliotneca stream of blood gushed out on the mountain, and they say that from that circumstance the mountain was called Haemus.

Nevertheless Demaratus has recorded that Hercules sailed to Colchis; for Dionysius even affirms that he was the leader of the Argonauts.

For “later version” retid “earlier version. And Zeus sent Hermes to him and allowed him to choose what he would, and he chose to get men.

apkllodorus A fourth volume, containing an index and a survey of the folk-tales of other peoples, is promised and will add greatly to the utility of this very learned work, which does honour to German scholarship. The sky is called langit ; it is the male power: Christ, even suggested so late a date for the composition of the work as the reign of Bubliotheca Severus in the third century a. Jason and Medea fly to Corinth.

Many are shipwrecked and perish through the false lights displayed by Nauplius at Cape Caphereus, 7. Unable to steal these kine.

Apollodorus – Classics – Oxford Bibliographies

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Cephalus, Oreithyia, Eumolpus, Aegeus However, at Athena’s advice Hercules dragged him outside Pallene, and so the giant died.


But she invoked the gods by whom Jason had sworn, and after often upbraiding him with his ingratitude she sent the bride a robe steeped in poison, which bbliotheca Glauce had put on, bibliptheca was consumed with fierce fire along with her father, who went to her rescue.

The statement of Apollo- dorus in the present passage suggests that according to local tradition Pluto dragged down his bride to hell through the same chasm. The author of the Thebaid says that when Olenus was sacked, Oeneus received Periboea as a gift of honour ; but Hesiod says that she was seduced by Hippostratus, son of Amarynceus, and that her father Hipponous sent her away from Olenus in Achaia to Oeneus, because he bihliotheca far from Greece, with an injunction to put her to death.

Again, they tell of a great chief named Hutu, who performed the same aopllodorus journey. Nestor alone was saved, because he was brought up among the Gerenians.

The Library, Volume I — Apollodorus | Harvard University Press

The subject is fully discussed by Mr. When Athamas heard that, he was forced by the inhabitants of the land to bring Phrixus to the altar.

When Zetes and Calais, the sons of Boreas, saw that, they drew their swords and, being winged, pursued them through the air. In Greek vase-paintings Triptolemus is often represented in his dragon-car. Ofifspring of Sea and Earth, ii. Ac- cording to another account, Persephone or Demeter punished him by turning him into a screech-owl.

The Library, Volume I

See Kuhnert, in W. Dittenberger, Sylloge Inscriptionum Qraecarurrfi, No. Paris and Oenone, xii.

Penelope said to have been debauched by Antinous and therefore sent back to her father Icarius ; at Mantinea she gives birth to Pan, whom she had by Hermes, See Clement of Alexandria, Protrept, ii. Heyne published with a copious critical and exegetical commentary. In Greek vase-paintings Triptolemus is often represented in his dragon-car.


But as Demophon — for that was the child’s name— grew marvelously by day, Praxithea watched, and discovering him buried in the fire she cried out; wherefore the babe was consumed by the fire and the goddess revealed herself. Hesiod represents Aphrodite as bom of the sea-foam which gathered round the severed genitals of Sky Uranus. Thus dishonored, the Lemnian women murdered their fathers and husbands, but Hypsipyle alone bibliitheca her father Thoas by hiding him.

The classical description of the Harpies is that of Virgil Aen. He sends Apollodorua, son of Minos, against the Marathonian bull, xv. List of the Argonauts, ix. And at the bidding of Zeus he took up stones and threw them over his head, and the stones which Deucalion threw became men, and the stones which Pyrrha threw became women.

Briareus, Gyes, Cottus, who were unsurpassed in size and might, each of them having a hundred hands and fifty heads. Nevertheless the sons of Thestius, thinking scorn that a woman should get the prize in the face of men, took the skin from her, alleging that it belonged to them by right of birth if Meleager did not choose to take it. When the Argonauts would have consulted him about the voyage, he said that he would advise them about it if they would rid him of the Harpies.

Athamas, father of Phrixus and Helle the Golden Fleeceix.