Kuji-In 4: Kuji-In Mastery: Power of Manifestation – Kindle edition by Maha Vajra. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kuji-In for Everyone. Kuji-In is translated from the Japanese as “Nine Syllable Seal”. Your hands are your primary tool in these practices, and each hand mudra . Boa Pu Zhi, a wise Chinese master, was the first to put the nine hand mudras on The goal of the kuji-in technique is not to acquire strength, control, healing.

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Muscles tighten when you have to make a decision because of the inherent biological fear that the human animal body holds. The Base Chakra is the point where the Sacred flame emerges kuui-in your energetic body. By observing nature, specifically the human nature, we have become masters at understanding how we work inside our minds, but also mastrey we become adepts at hiding ourselves from the truth.

When you make those kinds of comparisons, you destroy your own right to live, to be, and to feel good about yourself. As it seems, the kuji-in technique is composed of a ritual technique containing the traditional application of the Buddhist three secrets mudra, mantra, mandala. Some kuji-in practitioners are adepts of meditation, and according to them, the kuji-in technique is a way to deepen meditation. That is not dramatic, since the true knowledge of the kuji-in is acquired thru revelation, and the different ritual techniques stimulate the mind towards the same goal, muji-in is to acquire the revelation of the truth about the self.

We will resume a few aspects of the occidental occult sciences, from different traditions, but mostly revolving round the concept of the seven seals.

Set up a giveaway. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The objective of this practice is to call blessings to all aspects of daily life. You are highly encouraged to kuhi-in the process gradually so to provoke the most powerful effect.


As you complete the set, kuji-ln RIN fire covers your entire body, legs, arms, and then extends a bit beyond your body about one inch from the exterior surface of your skin. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook.

The MahaKaruna Dharani contains two important techniques: As you are increasingly filled with this Sacred Fire, all the energy circuitry in your body will repair itself, becoming healthier and more mashery as it receives the flow of the Universal Root energy: RIN is the first of nine techniques to achieve a wonderful and powerful spiritual experience.

Maha Vajra. Modern enlightened spiritual Master

In the first few breaths, the RIN fire simultaneously grows in madtery base chakra and fills your lower body and legs. This version of the RIN mudra will be more frequently used by martial artists and people who wish to build a stronger willpower. Then, the technique migrated to Japan, along with esoteric Buddhism, where the mantras where translated in Japanese.

From the outside, it seems to consist in drawing nine lines in the form of a grid, then drawing a symbol on the grid.

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Every inhalation nourishes the flame at your Base Chakra, encouraging it to fill you with Sacred Fire. Faith releases Divine energy into your body and fuels all other spiritual activities. The sorcerers will say it develops the ability to manifest magical phenomena. When you master the 3 parts of a single level, and feel that “something is going on” masgery the energy planes, add the full long mantra, either in Japanese or Sanskrit pronunciation.

Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will maztery and enhance every action you take in life. Such contemplation, in an honest attitude of self-acceptance, will inevitably lead to trusting yourself.


Every time you let yourself believe you do not have the right to live, to be, to act, you are telling the Universe that you prefer being the victim of your own life events. This symbol then interacts with what seems to be reality, and modifies the structure of the universe according to the desired effects. A seal is a combination of various technical components.

If you make such comparisons, you are asserting that there are different levels of the right to live, or that some people are more entitled to life, or have more right to breathe than others. Thousands of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers. Allow the smoke to drift up unnoticed; do not spend any energy attending masstery it.

Visualize the flame increasing in intensity, giving life to your entire body. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It is the sacred esoteric science of the oriental kujiin. You have the right to live. In this kuji-in practice, the Shinto Buddhists are referring to Amaterasu, a feminine Goddess.

Kuji-In: 9 Seals of Spiritual Power

Middle finger extended, all others are crossed Chakra: Thus, this mantra is also a pledge of sacrifice offered to the God King of Heaven, Indra, know as the one who holds thunderbolts.

Stand up, be confident and declare your own right to live. Thus, you may certainly express your various preferences, preferring apples over cherries, or the color pink to the color blue, but it is crucial to the development of full self consciousness that you never judge others as less worthy of life than you.