Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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Its low setting expansion, the smooth pore-free surface and its high compressive and flexural strengths make it an ideal base material for the manufacture of precision models: Very white, finely ground alpha hemihydrate for use in the construction chemicals industry and as a base plaster for the dental industry. The user of the screed should be made aware of this and adapt their living behaviour accordingly.

These compounds convince with their surface features and diversity, as they are also suitable for mobile trans-mix technology. Alpha Gypsum Always in use. This ensures that you will always achieve a consistent surface quality. Calcium sulphate flowing screed is delivered to the building site as a pre-mixed dry mortar in silo systems or bags, with mobile trans-mix vehicles or as ready-mixed self levelling floor screed in a truck mixer.

The moist room air is directed through the cooling section.

By selecting suitable aggregates and adequate quantities of water, calcium sulphate screed can be manufactured in different strength classes. The surface treatment Calcium sulphate flowing screeds on the basis of K-Sentials binders are optimized to produce a good surface finish. Calcium sulphate flowing screed has been developed for indoor application.

Ansetzyips at Knauf made a significant contribution in developing the desulphurization technology. Can I use flowing screed for cooling as a cooled floor? Natural gypsum The white natural gypsum stone was formed over several geological eras. Download product data sheet.

Binders that can be used compliant with the European standard EN are: Fragen zu Trockenbau- und Boden-Systemen Tel.: Alpha hemihydrate Knuf hemihydrate Thermal anhydrite Our ansetzgups Compounds on an alpha hemihydrate basis. The good flowability ensures that the heating tubes are securely enveloped ensuring that the heat is transferred completely to the screed.


Knauf – Flowing screed binders

Nature is inventive The inventive spirit of nature is ingenious. We manufacture alpha hemihydrate in various qualities with clearly defined property profiles. Alpha hemihydrate is used primarily in industrial mixtures based on its high strength and quick setting features, such as in the manufacture of moulding gypsums, gypsum based anstezgips materials and special gypsums for areas of application with specialized requirements.

Today, gypsum is used for building construction in large quantities — just as it was in antiquity. More information at www. The differences are mainly in the aggregates, which vary in accordance with the method of application, for example, such as the mobile trans-mix vehicles knquf silos. During the course of geological history, as the gypsum deposits were covered by other rock material or subject to other geological influences, they lost their crystallized water, and anhydrite CaSO4 was formed.

Find out more about alpha gypsum Additional Gypsums Production, use, product information – all about thermal and natural anhydrite. Physically different hemihydrates amsetzgips produced depending on the calcination process used: Today, gypsum is used to ensure a comfortable living environment and for creative room design. The aggregates do not need to be dried when multicameral silos are used. Not necessarily the quantity, even though 4 — 5 million tonnes is no longer a small quantity.

It is easy ansetztips use and is characterized by its smooth surface, a relatively high expansion and a low compressive strength. The thinner annsetzgips layer also offers benefits for underfloor heating systems, which as a result can noticeably deliver heat more quickly.

In ancient Jericho, walls and floors were made of gypsum more than 11, years ago. Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material.

When selecting the binder that best meets your requirements When developing and optimizing your recipe formulation and products or when converting to calcium sulphate flowing screeds Contact. Heating up prematurely can cause subsequent changes in the shape and result in damage. The tubes for the underfloor heating system must be filled with water and anchored to the substrate.


Calcium sulphate screed conducts heat significantly better than cementitious screed. Our ultra-white alpha hemihydrate is the cost-effective basis for premium dental gypsum plasters. Flowing screed can be applied across the entire living space including kitchens and bathrooms. Flowing screed has a higher bending tensile strength than cementitious screed resulting from its more dense structure, meaning that it can be loaded with a higher load at the same screed thickness.

Hier erfahren Sie mehr. Choose the compounds that deliver the best results for you. Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material. Perimeter joints prevent the formation of cracks. Hier erfahren Sie mehr. It consists of a compressor, refrigeration section and heater section. The process completely expels the water of crystallisation from the FGD gypsum and the surface of the anhydrite CaSO4 that is formed is reduced by sintering to ensure a more favourable mixing water requirement.

More important is its significance, particularly for drywalling construction in interiors. Find out more about additional gypsums Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material. Die stone In contrast to type 4 die stone, type 5 die stone has a high expansion capability. With one of the largest alpha hemihydrate manufacturing plants in the world, we can ensure your material demands, even at peak times.

Alpha Gypsum

In areas permanently exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or balconies, vapour barriers or professionally applied sealants ensure that there is sufficient protection. Technical values, areas of application, testing and application procedures. The surface just needs to be equalized with a dappling bar. When not discontinued by expansion joints, the planning is simplified saving time and money for the investor, which in turn provides a andetzgips visually appealing room image.