La légende raconte qu’à Bagdad la magnifique, un grand vizir répondant au nom d’Iznogoud, particulièrement mal intentionné, cultive. Bibliographie dans Pilote de la BD Calife Haroun el Poussah. Le calife Haroun el Poussah et le grand vizir Iznogoud dans Pilote. à retrouver vos BD Iznogoud sur le WEB 45, RC 2p, Les retours d’Iznogoud ou comment le grand vizir, après avoir été rivé, est arrivé, loin de la rive, à ne.

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Iznogoud – BD, informations, cotes

So far 29 graphic novels featuring Iznogoud have been published in French, with at least 26 of those published in English and a number of other languages. Iznogoud hires hypnotist De Giallo to persuade the Sultan that he is a donkey, but the spell is repeatedly broken by people clapping.

In a game was produced by Infogrames entitled Iznogoud. Iznogoud was also adapted into a cartoon series produced by Saban Entertainmentwith 52 episodes to its name, again with most of them having been translated to other languages as well.

But the computer has no answer for him, and the signing goes ahead as planned. A revolt ruins Iznogoud’s plans altogether. The fly escapes and ends up as the Sultan’s pet. Iznogoud seeks an opportunity at a party in the Sultan’s honour to make the Sultan look like a lunatic with a loony hat, but his plan is waylaid by the party show.

The Sultan lets his first cup go cold and blows on his second cup to cool it, so that when he and Iznogoud are set upon by bandits, it only remains hot for long enough for the Sultan to float away back to the palace, while the hiccuping vizier is captured. However, a series of incidents reduces the amount of water available to a thimbleful, which Iznogoud touches when he prepares to mend a tear in his clothes.

No current Talk conversations about this book. Iznogoud is introduced to a merchant who looks like the Sultan apart from a black eye Adulahf gave him. However, Pullmankar never gets angry with the caliph, only with Iznogoud.


While the Goscinny period was characterized by “albums” comprising several short-length tales each, Tabary turned the series in a new direction, by dedicating every new album entirely to a single story, larger and much more detailed, usually revolving around a new unique concept.

But one day it blasts off, tears through the royal palace, and takes Iznogoud with it. Information from the Dutch Common Knowledge. Before Iznogoud can cause an avalanche on the Sultan the Magic Weatherman melts all the snow.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Sultan gets his power from a magic sceptre that he must retrieve and present to the people once a year; if he fails, he is executed. On Nuts’ Day, authorities and servants switch places, meaning Iznogoud nd Sultan for a day, but his attempts to make the change permanent by enlisting help from a genie, Sultan Streetcar, and the local people all fail, iznigoud when the day ends, he is arrested as a runaway slave.

When his attempts fail, he tries again when Sultan Streetcar makes a reciprocal state visit, but gets into trouble of his own. The grand vizier’s attempts to get the Sultan to brush his teeth with it end with Iznogoud himself covered in the contents of the tube.

Iznogoud sur le WEB

Inevitably, he is the one who ends up going on a one-way carpet trip to China. When Goscinny died inTabary eventually decided to carry on the work himself, just as Albert Uderzo did with Asterix. Add to Your books.

Unfortunately, iiznogoud art skills are not good bs to trigger the spell until he takes art classes, and when he finally does produce a realistic portrait of the Sultan and tears it in half, he is unaware that his teacher ixnogoud sketched him on the other side of the page. In another episode, Iznogoud gets a magical calendar that lets him travel in time when he rips off its pages. Iznogoud tries to dispose of the Sultan in a poster that traps those who step inside.


He’s even kept a journal of his previous failed attempts. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

Iznogoud obtains a cursed diamond from a beggar to give to the Sultan as a birthday present, but the diamond’s curse falls hard upon Iznogoud the moment he touches it. Inevitably, Iznogoud’s attempts to get one of the Sultan’s hairs all fail, and it is his own hair that ends up in the doll when it is thrown high into the air and falls to the ground.

A poor fisherman discovers an ostrich that lays golden eggs when sung a song, and Iznogoud plans to use the eggs to fund a mercenary campaign to overthrow the Sultan. The stories have been translated into several languages, including English, and the title has been adapted to animated and live-action film.

Iznogoud – Wikipedia

Iznogoud meets a prince who has been transformed into a frog; if a human kisses the frog, the frog is restored to human form while the kisser becomes a frog, while if the frog kisses a human, the human becomes a frog and the frog doesn’t change. Her attempts to fix things just make them worse, until finally Iznogoud is cloned and turned into a pair of clothes irons. Iznogoud decides to make his pupil’s life miserable iznohoud that he will complain to his father, who in turn will wage a war that will depose the Sultan.

Iznogoud cleans up the footprints for another attempt and gets lost in the maze himself. Iznogoud gets trapped along with Adulahf with no way out, while the Sultan is able to escape through a second poster unnoticed by Iznogoud.