Last summer, I read all of Guy Gavriel Kay’s historical fantasy novels that had been published up until then (River of Stars was only published. Praise. Praise for The Fionovar Tapestry “Kay has delivered such a magnificent volume that I can’t praise it enough. The Fionavar Tapestry is a work that will. Five men and women find themselves flung into the magical land of Fionavar, First of all Worlds. They have been called the [ ].

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You need to let it however.

View all 4 comments. I can see the beginnings of some of my favorite books here. Stay in Touch Fionavad up. To be fair, I have previously read two of his more recent novels set in Ancient China which are masterful and The Summer Tree is very obviously an early entry in his oeuvre.

Orphans Eric Chant nicknamed Cat and his sister Gwendolen, a gifted witch, are whisked away to live in a castle with Chrestromanci, a much-revered man of magic, wealth an You are willing to forgive a lot from an author who can gift you with such wonder! Despite the fact that the Toronto ifonavar were weak for me, and my general feelings about portal fantasies, this is what made me warm to tge framing device of traversal from our world to Fionavar.

Summer Tree, The: Book One of the Fionavar Tapestry

Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many more wonderful books to come!!! Kay was a refreshing summer breeze, and the writing—oh, the writing!

Five men and women find themselves flung into the magical land of Fionavar, First of all Fionavarr. They are all powerful works, but this trilogy is the one that’s in my bones. I can’t imagine Kay’s characters speaking in any other way.


Yes, there are dwarves who delve in the earth and there are elf-equivalents lios alfar tgee they behave in GGK ways, not just Tolkien ways. We salvage what we can, what truly matters to us, even at the gates of despair. Guy Gavriel Kay takes characters from our world and places them in a fantasy world. Cancel reply Enter your comment here For they are a long-awaited part of the pattern known as the Fionavar Tapestry, and only if they accepted their destiny would the armies of the Light stand any chance of surviving the wrath the Unraveller and his minions of darkness intend to unleash upon the world… This incredible journey in a unique world is told in Kay’s usual elegant prose and his typical writing style, full of poetry, rhythm and realism.

Seldom do they intersect, and so for the most part they are unknown to each other. Dave, however, is lost in the crossing, and lands somewhere else suummer Fionavar, eventually finding kinship among the horse-riding, eltor-hunting Dalrei tribesmen. There is a density of emotions and an entanglement of fionavvar and death, light and darkness, obligations and desires.

The tale of five university kids stumbling into Fionavar unfolded beautifully. Kim accompanies Ysanne to her cottage by the lake where Ysanne calls on Eilathena water spirit, to awaken Kim’s latent Seer powers; Ysanne then passes to Kim the Baelrath, or Warstone, a red stone set in a ring.

The Summer Tree (Fionavar Tapestry, book 1) by Guy Gavriel Kay

These minor issues notwithstanding, The Summer Tree has been a real treat for me. It actually seems more appropriate to say that they became avatars of the complex ideals that make up Fionavar. For example, Kay picked up on the importance of names in ancient cultures while writing The Fionavar Tapestry and used those ideas in Tigana. Fionavar, the first of the worlds, which all other imperfectly reflect, is in grave peril.

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Mar 25, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: I think I should have felt more emotionally attached to the characters, but I think that has more to do with how I feel in general right now than the book itself. The kingdom has been somewhat uneasy since Ailell’s eldest son, Aileron, offered to take his father’s place; upon Ailell’s refusal, he cursed his father shmmer was exiled.

The other four are quickly drawn into the kingdom’s politics. The book is liberally leavened with ideas, stereotypes, and archetypes that you will undoubtedly recognize. Especially if summeer like fantasy, and especially if you’re ttee to commit to thousands of pages of fantasy reading because there is a mammoth cliffhanger at the end of this bookit is worth picking up. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The dialogue is also a bit clunky at times.