There are standard versions of the EVOline Power Port with 2 or 3 power sockets. We can also supply versions with up to power sockets. Instead of using all available power sockets with different adapters to power your phone, notebook, tablet or camera, why not use EVOline USB Charger Port?. If the CAT6 standard is insufficient for your project requirements, EVOline Port Data can also supply CAT6a, CAT7 GG45 from Nexans or Reichle & De-Massari.

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The Port helps keep desktop order by making unruly cords simply disappear.

Advice for returning unwanted or faulty goods. We outline the key new products at the fair. Upon written approval all faulty or damaged goods must be sent back for inspection using the company’s correct postal address.

If goods are returned without correct authorisation, the reimbursement of any carriage charges will be limited to the amount the company would have incurred with their own carrier. Supply cable 3,0 m.

EVOline Port Push

EVOline Square 80 cable and plug. Safe cable routing prevents the cables from being accidentally bent or pulled out. The post office does not charge for this service.


The electrification module can be closed when cables are connected to the power socket strip — the flexible lid then remains slightly open while the sockets disappear under the table surface.

Please enter your full address. Current user location United States. The Port can also be illuminated with subtle blue, red, green or white LED lighting.

Returns will not be accepted after 28 days from purchase unless under a decision from management. If a damaged product is of high value or there is a high risk of breakages through carriage the company will arrange collection of the goods. Please enter the name of your city.


This model comes with a. Printed catalogue Please fill in the form to request a printed catalogue. You must take care of the goods whilst in your possession. We cannot refund any delivery charges incurred by LoveLights.

Goods will not be accepted back for credit until written approval has been obtained. The see-saw cover allows room for the cords. For all returns proof of purchase is needed.

With Port Push, EVOline is thus presenting a system solution that fits perfectly into the existing product range. Please enter your email address. If goods are inadequately sealed we cannot be held responsible for any loss or breakages through carriage.


Subscribe to our newsletter. In order to direct the focus on the essentials, quickly and easily accessible power sockets and data ports are advantageous. Attach address label securely to package. Once opened, the raised profile is elevated above surface level to give enhanced protection from liquid spillages whilst in use. All the plugs are accessible — but not in the way. The unit is easy to install and can be retro fitted.

A receipt of carriage costs paid is needed. The charger features built in overvoltage, overheating and short-circuit protection.

Printed catalogue Estimate Downloads Retailer Manufacturer’s website. Updated for please see Compatible Devices tab below.

A telephone call is not sufficient.

Yes, I accept that the manufacturer Evoline may save my data for marketing purposes and is allowed to contact me.