IBM Rational ClearCase is the industry-leading solution for highly sophisticated IBM Rational ClearCase offers complete software configuration management. Unit types and corresponding file extension . (e.g. C:\Program Files\ibm\ RationalSDLC\ClearCase\config\magic) with the following content. Configuration Management with ClearCase Setup of example environment. Clearcase configuration management plan filetype pdf configuration management. Interim Center to Center Configuration Management Plan 1 This Configuration Management Plan (CMP) is a tool used to establish the overall approach for the.

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The RenameActivation property is a Boolean value that specifies whether renaming units in the Rational Rhapsody model triggers a rename command in cleafcase archive. If the property is set to ‘ Relative ‘, then newly added referenced units contain a path relative to the project directory.

Create a new magic file called ‘cc.

Integration Guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Rational ClearCase on Windows

Nevertheless you cldarcase an explanation of each used property in the following. Compare features and pricing. The DeleteActivation property is a Boolean value that specifies whether deletion of units from the Rational Rhapsody model will trigger a delete command in the archive.

It is possible to convert diagrams, classes, etc.

IBM Rational ClearCase

The Cofiguration property is a Boolean value that specifies whether renaming units in the Rational Rhapsody model will trigger a rename command in the archive.

  AAMA 501.1 PDF

We are going to use a so called ClearCase type manager in association with a new ClearCase element type e.

A view can be mapped to ,anagement other available drive. A Connect operation also triggers actions that should be performed before any other CM operation. Note that when you use the SCC interface, all of the batch mode command properties are unused.

Rhapsody properties allow customization of the integration to ClearCase. For some attributes, the space provided in the Attributes pane is insufficient to view them properly for example, a multi-line box. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Setting up the distributed development environment Chapter Implementing MultiSite Part 6. Read the data sheet. Open the map file located in the mgrs directory e.

Configuration Management with ClearCase – [PPT Powerpoint]

Creating ClearQuest parent-child linked records Appendix E. You don’t need to perform those steps if you choose to load the included property files. Product documentation Find answers quickly in IBM product documentation.

The Rational Rhapsody solution enables embedded systems engineers and software developers to improve productivity, quality and communication mxnagement. Provides lifecycle management and control of software development assets across geographically distributed environments.

Rhapsody includes a script, SensitiveCheckin. In Part 5 we describe how to do parallel development in multiple geographical locations using ClearCase and ClearQuest MultiSite, including detailed procedures for planning and implementing MultiSite for a UCM comfiguration. This expression uses the Exp1?


In addition to keeping Rhapsody models under ‘source control’, it is possible to automate the production process by invoking Rhapsody via its command line within IBM Rational ClearMake. Setting up ClearQuest Part 4.

Software Configuration Management: A Clear Case for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM

Table of contents Part 1. In this way, you have more direct CM tool interaction and receive more meaningful feedback on CM operations.

Learn more Read the data sheet. In the first case paln properties are only valid within the concerned project whereas in the second case the properties are loaded when starting Rhapsody and valid for all projects. Selecting ‘ No ‘ can mqnagement to inconsistencies which must be resolved manually.

The value of attribute can be also ‘All’ meaning all attribute can be textually merged and ‘None’ meaning no automatic textual merge should be done. If you receive an error message like ‘cleartool: