Feuchtgebiete has ratings and reviews. Michelle said: Everyone says that this book is super gross. Honestly, I wasn’t grossed out or amused by. Editions for Feuchtgebiete: (Paperback published in ), by Charlotte Roche First published Sort by . ebook, pages. Wetlands eBook: Charlotte Roche, Tim Mohr: : Kindle Store. Since its debut in February, the novel (“Feuchtgebiete,” in German) has sold more than .

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Wer dem etwas abgewinnen kann, der wird von dem Buch begeistert sein. Charlorte men were merely some of the tools she used to experience her body with her senses. So subtly is the fume of life designed, To clarify the pulse and cloud the mind, And leave me once again undone, possessed.

Helen is shocking for shocking sake. Charlotte Roche appears to be single-handedly making up for this lack in her novel ‘Wetlands. Depends on the daughter I guess. Oh my good God. And charlotte Roche does step up to the task, with an appropriate degree of grossness. Her motivation‚Ķbecause it is sort of like French kissing the nurse! Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Feuchtgebiete by Charlotte Roche.

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I checked it out on Goodreads, and read 1 star review after 1 star review calling this book “the worst book ever”. I think the reason why I most enjoyed this book was seeing courage that Roche had to approach the very ‘taboo’ subjects that it deals with. You are thinking about getting a divorce – Helen pretty clearly seems to think all her problems would be solved if only her parents would get back together; so, unless you want your daughter to end up disgusting, you will make that relationship work.


Get to Know Us. I can’t even – Ok. Aug 01, Daniela Wegert rated it did not like it. Not really something you want to read about. She whiles feucthgebiete the time by plotting to get her divorced parents back together, sharing with the reader her many fetishes, most of which are fairly gross, and spreading her own bacteria from various intimate parts of her body around rochs hospital I listened to this in German as an audiobook and was thankful that it wasn’t likely anyone overhearing would understand.

Du musst menstruieren, wenn sie auch menstruiert. I happen to enjoy reading about the fucked up workings of strange people’s minds, so I really enjoyed reading this book. I also spent a reasonable amount of time pondering on the controversial statement that the rochd character, eighteen-year old Helen, makes about hygiene. I’m not against a loathsome lead — heck, I just finished a great book about a pedophile — but I am against a loathsome lead that is this contrived.

Your eyes just keep getting drawn back to it. Why are you so terrified of your own body and its functions?

Honestly, I wasn’t grossed out or amused by any of it. Somewhat scatological as well. Charlotte Roche Two-Book Collection: For supporters it is an erotic literary classic; for critics it is cleverly marketed pornography.


Partly autobiographical, it explores cleanliness, sex and femininity, and had sold over 1, copies in Germany by early Helen describes her sexual adventures and intimate behaviors in such blunt and detailed ways, that many people ended up feeling purely grossed out by this charlottd. This goes double if you are sad. And your kids are not perfect.

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Anal-sex having, booger eating, and hygiene-hating. Y no lo digo solamente pensando en lo desagradable que resulta, sino en lo inconsistente de su narrativa. Nebenher pflegt sie ihre Sammlung von Avocadokernen, die ihr auch in sexueller Hinsicht wertvolle Dienste leisten. Wetlands opens in a hospital room after an intimate shaving accident. Refresh and try again.

She is that college freshman testing out new personalities by amplifying a single, existing facet of her personality. Roche tried to add depth by incorporating family drama, but never explored that idea fully, so we’re left with a messy plot that’s just pure, exaggerated tragedy.

By giving it four stars and raving rochr it, I’m not say, comparing it to some of my other four-star books.