ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W .. PURPOSE OF EQUIPMENT The M68 Reflex Sight w/Quick Release Mount is used on the. M68 Reflex Sight Manual. This is an illustrated operator and maintenance manual TM &P for the U.S. Army M68 reflex sight. Soft cover, B/W, . The TA31RCO is an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) designed for the US Army’s M4 weapon system (” barrel). It incorporates dual illumination .

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Anyone know the TM (Army) number for an ACOG?

Two soldiers a firer and a target holder are required to properly boresight a weapon. Two thongs don’t make a tight? If so how long can they stay?

Even though night vision devices greatly enhance the soldier’s ability to acquire a target at night, increased awareness of target detection must be trained to allow the solider to key in on the visual cues of infrared imagery. Make adjustments to the M68 until the visible laser of the borelight is centered on the borelight circle on the meter boresight target. Zeroing at 25 meters must be conducted to ensure the TWS is properly zeroed. With the vehicle not moving, the tires are cold.

This will provide enough ambient light for the gunner to see the target.

Confirm that equipment is tight prior to zeroing. It incorporates dual illumination technology using a combination of fiber optics and self- luminous tritium. The M68’s reflexive sight allows the soldier to fire the weapon with his cheek at a comfortable position; however, the soldier must zero with the same cheek position he will fire with because the parallax free is only effective beyond 50 meters.

To retain zero, remove the TPIAL and rail grabber as a whole assembly and place back onto the same notch as removed. The meter boresight target grids are 1-centimeter squares, unlike the meter zero targets. When cutting the 3-centimeter square out of the target, some of the strike zone may be cut out. On a moving vehicle, the friction between the road and the tires causes the tires to heat up and become prominent when observed through the TWS.


Align the borelight laser with the circle on the meter target offset. If the gunner still has the proper boresight alignment the gunner is boresighted; otherwise he will need remedial training on his sight picture. I’m having doubts it even exists. To zero the BIS for the M4-series, set the range selector to meters. Aim the red dot of the M68 on the crosshair located on the meter boresight target.

Designed to the exact specifications of the U. To zero the borelight to the weapon, align the visible laser with the barrel of the weapon.

This is now the point of impact. A good example is the tire on a vehicle. Qualification with the BIS is conducted on a standard record fire range, and the standards for qualification are the same as the record fire day standards. The soldier must be trained to aggressively scan his sector of fire for targets. Have the firer get behind the weapon in a stable supported firing position looking through the M After the target has been engaged, the laser is deactivated.

While scanning the sector and or lane with the TWS, the soldier should be aware of thermal cues that allow him to detect and identify targets.

Place the zeroing mark approximately 10 meters from the end of the barrel so that the visible laser strikes the zeroing mark.

The soldier must keep the rifle and M68 in a vertical alignment each time he fires. Regular blinking must be reinforced during training. I’m a 20 yo girl doing part-time modeling for hats and a tj make-up company. The gunner must realize that a good cheek-to-stock weld is not possible with NVGs mounted on his head. Figure shows the current borelight training program.


The weapon should be in the “bolt forward” position and must not be canted left or right during boresighting procedures. Aarmy procedures for record qualification are:. Then, using a meter boresight target, the weapon can be boresighted with any optic, laser, or iron sight that the soldier is assigned to fire. The soldier must train to activate his laser at the base of the target and engage the target as soon afog the target is detected.

The procedures are the same as standard iron sight procedures. The borelight is an accurate means of zeroing weapons and most aided-vision equipment without the use of ammunition.

FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

The objective is armg not disrupt alignment of the laser with the target by jerking the trigger. During boresighting or zeroing procedures if there is not enough ambient light available to see either the boresight mark at ten meters or the silhouette on the zero target, a flashlight can be used by shining the light indirectly towards the target.

Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and polarity aocg enhance the thermal cues of a target, allowing for quicker detection and identification. Figure shows the backup iron sights training program.

Qualification standards are the same for day and night. During the dry-fire exercise, soldiers acquire a sight picture on all exposed silhouette targets before conducting the field-fire scenario.