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In order to estimate the values for the limit defined by equation 2we will first identify what is the parameter and what is the main variable in the calculation of the limit.

This result, besides not having any ds as discussed for the previous case, is contradictory with the own theory of Apometry because according to it the energy of the thought of an amoeba for which v has a livro apimetria apometria em value would be larger than the energy of a human.

But we are not alone. In proper tuning, they hit the square power, in which ten tuned workers, and in high synergy, are worth of a hundred people which is also applied to groups.

Apometria (Jose Lacerda de Azevedo).pdf

Therefore, this possibility also does not have any utility. We can summarize the above results for equation 2 as follows: We should consider, though, there was no Universal Control of the teachings of the technique, as Kardec used to say. It is a right! Apostila – Apometria – Parte 2.


Apometria (Jose Lacerda de Azevedo).pdf – Documents

The spiritual perception of the mediums in the sessions of Apometry happens through clairvoyance, intuitive or mental one.

With these weird practices, they open serious precedents for the implantation of rites, totally unacceptable in the Spiritist apostilla, which livro de apometria em, fundamentally, the Doctrine of the rational faith.

We conclude with the following sentence: Our arguments are consistent, because they are based on Kardec.

There is a bionergetic practice called “MBE” basic energetic mobilization good enough to destroy implants of negative paratechnology. We should know, there were no manifestations about it livro de apometria em many parts of the world, through known mediums. Therefore, the Apometry does not represent a scientific advance and, on the contrary, it demonstrates livro apostia apometria em lack of knowledge about even simple concepts of Science.

This result, again, does not have utility because in Science no one works with infinity values which cannot be measured, calculated or used for comparison. Therefore, the limit of equation 2 when v tends to infinity, with the possibility 2, is the smallest absolute number which is 0 zero. But never mix those apometdia, you can get confused.

Most part of the mankind is conscientiously immature spiritual children: Conclusions The analysis performed in this paper allows us to see that the theory of Apometry has not any support from both Physics and Mathematics and cannot be considered as ds. The main variable is the one that will go to the infinity: In given circumstances, homeopathic medicines of high power destroy these extra physical devices adhered to the aura or the psychosom of the patient.


Therefore, the limit of equation 2 when v tends to infinity, with the possibility 3, is infinity, i. Of our part, we believe that apometry is a therapeutic method that needs to be studied away from Spiritism to be evaluated. It has errors of incoherency, apostilla, and contradiction between its own concepts and equations.

Therefore, the limit livro de apometria em equation 2 when v tends to infinity, with the possibility 1, is just 1 um. The parameter is an element that is considered fixed not variable in the calculation of the limit: Therefore, the livro de apometria em of equation 2 when v tends to infinity, with the possibility 4, is undetermined. From the above analysis, we conclude by absurd that the equation 1 and the law of the thought according to the Apometry do not have any validity.