Star Cruiser is a game of starship combat in the 24th century. It can be used as an addition to GDW’s RPG Traveller: or as a stand alone boardgame. Earle Durboraw’s AD–Earthspace, Peter Engebos T’Sarith’s Page was permanently lost, as it went down before the Wayback Engine was. Traveller Kennedy WIP IIIn “Traveller “. AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IIIn “Traveller “. AD out soon and.

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And a half sheet earlier?


A novel aspect is the rules being akin to submarine warfare, with detection and evasion being important elements. Through its close ties with France, Japan has in the past been able to secure licensing agreements to build their own versions of French warships. More recently, the pressing issue of the Kafer War has forced shipbuilders and tacticians alike to rethink their vocations, forcing them to redesign man’s warships to effectively deal with the alien threat.

France was able to wtar the nuclear war relatively unscathed by abandoning its NATO allies and officially withdrawing from hostilities at the start of the Third World Warretaining enough assets and skilled people to develop a significant head-start in the race for postwar rebuilding, political leverage, and technological development.

Earth’s nations have colonies among the stars. While its leaders have bickered over protocol and jockeyed for sar of the combined fleet, individual ship-crews have grown lax in performing practice exercises and routine duties.

2300 AD Star Cruiser & Ships of the French Arm – GDW

A great idea, but the pacing could be a bit lethargic. Also, no sort of gravity manipulation exists, so spaceships must be built to account for micro-gravity conditions, and transferring from orbital space to a planetary surface or vice versa is still expensive. The French Portes d’Enfer is home to a contingent of businessmen, traders, smugglers, and troubleshooters who make their living off of the commerce moving past this tidally locked world.

In this way I was able to produce designs that were entirely consistent, and generate the statistics that I used to build the SNE versions. Perhaps one of the best alien species ever created for an RPG, the Kafers are truly alien, with a cruier physiology, psychology and society.


Contact with the implacable, warlike alien race known as the Kafers was first made in by a French research outpost orbiting the star Arcturus, four and a half light years out-arm from Eta Bootis. Articles stae additional references from July All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September It might be worth updating the free rule link threads since you remind me, though.

If payment has not been made within 14 days of closing, I will start the Non-Paying Bidder process. Gavroche 29 December at After building and testing a number of these new conversions I found that play test games were very “vanilla”. I take the unassembled models out of their box periodically, look at them, and go “nah, not worth the effort” and chuck them back Rules cover the operation of cyber-decks, the computers that deck jockeys use to project their minds directly into Earth’s computer network.

The background history of AD is a continuation of the nuclear war depicted in the Twilight role-playing game by the same company. Even as assassins’ fire claimed their lives, native forces initiated a simultaneous attack on the partially completed Fifth Foreign Legion fortress.

BrownLester W. But playing bus driver turns sour. From the great silted seas of Botany Bay to the Eber ruins of Beta Hydri, each of Earth’s colony worlds offers a wealth of unique characteristics for exploration and adventure. Both space battles and ground battles are described, with role-playing adventures and even official Star Cruiser scenarios included.

They hoard the decaying knowledge of their ancient forbearers and protect it with semi-religious tradition against the day that their race will use it once again. The UK magazine’s editor Paul Pettengale commented: I decided that to add flavor to the games I would change submunition weapons into Flares and Mines.

Equipment listed includes bionic eyes that allow you to snap pictures with a thought, “smart guns” whose sights are wired directly to a character’s-brain, and “slashers,” carbon-filament blades that can be extended at will from the fingertips. Intended as a “harder” alternative to GDW’s earlier Traveller science fiction game, the first edition was titled Traveller: For those familiar with the AD setting you will see many ships that appeared both in canon materials and as man-made designs.


Inferno’s surface is dotted with mines, factories, and weather stations built to withstand seismic conditions. In that eight years, the Arabs had wormed their way into the councils of the Civilized Ebers. The last thing I will mention is that some slight “tweaks” were necessary in a few designs to make them SNE Space Unit compliant.

But cuiser most valued commodity on Beta Canum is the safe, regular access to orbit granted by the beanstalk. With a small merchant fleet and colonies within areas they can count on French protection, the Japanese have localized their fleet into a few, strong squadrons. Through a nearby viewport he could see the huge Kafer battleship approaching, its bulk blotting out the stars.

This article needs additional citations for verification. SVL 28 December at From memory I thought they had a few scenarios with a half dozen BB plus escorts but maybe that was in the Invasion sourcebook now that I think about it. The map extends far beyond the furthest reaches of human settlement, into the realms of aliens and the unexplored. Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable.

It was perhaps because of this poor start that AD never seemed to get off on the right foot, and was more or less abandoned by GDW well before the company closed its doors in Also, players have a tendency to look at huge Hull civilian ships and say, “hey, let’s fill all that cargo space with stwr. I’ve forgotten my password. Then, suddenly, without warning, cruised Kafers left the system.

The next change that I made was to submunition weapons. Eventually the Kafers were driven back from Eta Bootis system except for a small number of ground troops which remain to threaten the safety of stad colonists on the planet Aurore and even from Arcturus, where the ill-fated research station hangs in orbit around that giant, enigmatic star.